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Monday, February 4, 2013



I'm still at this hour cos I feel like filling you up my dear blog. I have not been feeling well lately. Have been sick for the past four days or more. Was big headed and didn't want to go to the doctor when I knew I was sick. Prolong it even till Friday, when I had my Culi. I forced myself up on Friday because I know if I were to miss it, my whole marks for that day will be ZERO! So i got ready for school at 5am and Mama gave me $$ to take the cab cos she was afraid I might fainted halfway. I did and went to school as normal. After grooming check I felt alive still and was strong enough to laugh and gagged. Then during Chef Jason's demo, when we had to stand for quite some time in front of him, I felt giddy. Yes that signal that shows "you're going to faint soon!" I stand still, try to lean on the back of the pantry without the chef noticing, but I coulnd't bear any longer and straight away got his attention. Went to find a seat and obviously, all the service staffs gave me those stares.

Then I felt better cos Mr Chong was kind enough to get me the axe oil and i rubbed it hard on my forehead and my nose cos i need something to smell. After a few minutes, I felt better and went back to the kitchen to wash some root vegetables. Then went for a quick lunch and went back to the kitchen for another demo. Then again, when my legs stood rooted on the ground, it started to rumble again. I hold on to Kirene and she saw my pale face and get the chef's attention again! I quickly went to the "sick bay" chair again and rested. Ms Mark soon arrive and was another kind teacher to touch me and ask me if I was alright. Chef Joyce also arrived then and advise me to head home.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MARKS?? My heart yells.

The other service staffs were kind enough to offer me warm water, and ask if I was alright. Really nice of them. CCM students, good job for your kindness! :)

After several minutes of thinking and chef Joyce's negotiating, I agreed and she brought me to see Mr Tan before I could leave. Tears were at the brink of my eyes when he talked to me. And I'm not sure why. Maybe I was just afraid to lose the marks. I really want to do well this sem!

So I did went home and slept till that night. Mama woke me up and asked me to visit the doctor with Camel since she was having stomach ache and needed to see the doctor as well. So we both went, awkwardly.

Got home, ate medicine and that's when I felt shivers down my spine and I knew I would get worse. So I literally was bedridden for days and couldn't stand up by myself. Alhamdullilah, today, when Mama had to fed me with my medicine cos I can't even do that by myself and after hours later, I could feel hot blood gushing down. I was still a little shaky when I walk but manageable. Felt a little weak now and then when we ate dinner with my family as well as Noruls but thanks to Noruls strong masseuse hands I felt a little better. Insya'allah, I am able to go to school tomorrow! Need to submit my last project for this sem!!

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