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Monday, February 4, 2013

Me and My Weak Immune System

Told Noruls about my 4 days sickness and she mentioned that I need a very tough and strong man who can support you in future. I agree. Cos I am that weak when I'm sick. I remembered when I literally fainted right in front of the my void deck's lift when Mama tried to bring me to the doctor. I really felt sorry towards Mama cos she had no strength to carry me. But thankfully she had her handphone with her and called Abah right away who was at home taking care of Firhan. While waiting for Abah to get down she tried dragging me up and bring me to the nearest chair which was quite far for me at that time. I could only close my eyes and just wanting to lie onto someone's shoulder. Abah hurriedly came down with Firhan and he went to the nearest clinic to get a wheelchair, but they didn't have one. So he came back and called a cab. It was quite embarrassing for me because there were some primary school students in front of me eating cup noodles and they must be wondering.

I guess I am not that strong. But I want to be! I really don't know what I can do if my parents aren't around me if I'm sick. Who will take care of me? Who will carry me and support me? I always ask myself, why can't I be as strong as Mama. When she's sick she is still strong enough to do house chores. But why can't I? How come my immune system is so low? Why aren't doctors saying anything?

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