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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Haunting Me

Just feel like uploading?
I miss my long hair so much. And this is the perfect picture for today topic. Haha.

So...lately I have been trying to study for my exams. yes, they are coming pretty soon but I've got only two papers man! I'm happy for that. I went out with Norul and studied with her at airport and I told her some things which I'm not sure if I was even ready.

I told her about my dreams and she knocked some sense into me. She said "If you could give M a chance why can't you give F some chances?" I debated and said that if I were to do that, it means I'm giving pieces and pieces of my heart to all guys. And that I am always giving them chances. And again, eventually I would be the one who will be taken advantage of, right?

Well, I kept thinking about what she said every second, every night, every single time when my head is empty. I can't stop mulling over it! She also added and as always warned me, "You should stop dating guys whom you barely know. And you know F for quite some time already. So give him some chance!"

Obviously it made me ponder even more. I can't think straight. And it somehow disturb me. But I do believe what she said was true. Part of me wanting to give it a try but another part of me hinders me from doing so. But I know F is a very good person. F & M were the only persons that I can say out loud that THEY ARE THE KIND OF GUY EVERY GIRL WANTS TO BE WITH. Cos they are really really really nice. Well, even though some people have a different definition for "nice", but still they are!

So, since I couldn't make up my mind, I decided to write F a letter. But now I'm still thinking if I should pass him that letter?

But I don't want to start a relationship. I mean not now. Not what I promised to myself. Urgh. Why is this haunting me again!

Or maybe I should wait for F to contact me again and then I decide if I should continue what I have planned or not.


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