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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Head Over Heels

Have you ever feel your heart beats fast like as if it's going to explode anytime? Haha. I know I may seem to be exaggerating but really, I'm serious.

Anyway, it has been a long time since I update my blog, but here I am.

Back to what was mentioned earlier, have you? I'm pretty sure everyone does, especially those who have went through dates, or meeting your soul mate or even feeling nervous when getting your results. Well, I do. But this time it's not some ordinary guy that I meet, it's a... well I should not say now.

Every now and then, ever since I watch his acting, I fell in love with him even more. Such cliche. I know. But this feeling is really weird and something new.

Well, maybe I should say now. Or I beat about the bush and make it seems even more complicated. It's a actor. No, it's not TL but it's LMH, I mean Lee Min Ho. Yes I know it's all weird of me liking some Korean guy which everyone have already fallen in love with him, but I don't care. I just want to say this out. He's curly hair, his stern look, his bossiness in BOF and most of all his smile. I'm telling you, I'm already getting goose bumps right now. Hahaha. It's really really weird, I know. But every single night before I go to sleep, my hands will scroll the mouse to view a picture of him that I have saved in my dekstop and give this happiness in me. Not only that, but every morning the first thing that I think of is him. OH MY! What has got into me?!

Even falling for TL wasn't like that. I never crazily feel nervous seeing his hot body pictures. So why LMH? I really wonder. This feeling is like as if I'm going on a date with him. BUT NO. It's just some idol that everyone falls head over heels for. So stupidly, out of all idols, why must it be some Korean guy? Oh, let me tell you why I started to know about this guy. I have been watching some Korean dramas these days. And please, don't judge. I know I said that I hated anything that got to do with K-POP but that doesn't mean I hated their drama. So, since it was my hols, I decided to watch interesting dramas like "Playful Kiss" where the famous Kim Hyun Joong is the main character. I did find him cute and cool but wasn't that crazy. Then I watched "Boys over Flowers" which everyone have already watched way long time ago except for me. That's when I fell for richest, act cool character; Goo Jun Pyo (LMH). It's not because of his money obviously, but because of he's character in the drama.

In the drama, his trademark is his curly hair. He is used to do whatever he wants and whenever he wants and often offends others with his aggressively direct personality. However under his tough exterior, he is actually a pure hearted young man. Guess I must have like such personality in men. Hehe.

These are some of the pictures that I can't resist;

"I missed you. Enough to die."

This scene is the last few scene when Goo Jun Pyo came back from U.S for 4 years and before he left, he asked her (Geum Jan Di) to marry him. She said that she will think about it only after he come back and become a real man. SO SWEET!

His curly hair!!!

The soft side of him when he smiles. :)

With all that, I should not prolong this meaningless blog just to talk about him. He should just rest in my dreams.

Well, then. Adios and hopefully I have the opportunity to write some more.

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