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Thursday, November 1, 2012



It has been forever since I last update this blog. There's nothing to share, really. Okay, no. It's a lie. Everyone have something to talk about everyday. But the question is can we talk about our everyday stuffs to everyone? Guessed I treasure more friends now and that's why I'm lacking behind in writing here. But that's alright. This blog will not be eradicated. It's like my life. It has all my records which I may forget, well obviously I will cos I have a really bad memory! But hey, at least I'm noting them down. Even the negative ones.

School has gone for almost two weeks already and oh my SSM! Geez, it's not that easy at all! We're all trained like some NS men. But it's okay! I like it that way. It's good for our future, right? And oh, I have yet to start my Culi, which is coming this Friday. Excited? Hmm...rather complicated. Some people prefer SSM, some say Culi's better. So which is which? Well, I've just got to wait till the day comes.

Several things happened for the past couple months like Spooks and Bibik Mai's family visit our home and classmates etc etc. But I just don't feel like there's a need to type everything down.

Before I end this blog for the day, I just want to say somethings.

"There's a reason why a delete/ unfollow/ unfriend" button's available." It's just a click away. Well you got to choose the right person to follow and not misled you to some misery or some strangers that only follows you on the social networking site right? What's the point of having us in your friend list when you don't even communicate with them? You want to stalk them is it? Well, basically that's the only reason why they remain friends online. Question is, if you were to see them outside, in real life, do you ever say "hi" to them? Or do you walk away? At most, you're just an acquaintance.

Don't blame me for "deleting" you away. Just ask yourself why the other party is doing so. Rather be safe than hurt. Protect yourself, comfort yourself and not see things that will spoil your life. Do you get it? Haha. I doubt so. I've no idea what I'm saying. Bla bla bla.

Adios. Still in school doing nothing.

"We act to accomodate our feelings in the best way. I have never been good with goodbyes"

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