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Saturday, September 8, 2012

What A Surpirse

Peace be upon you.

Hehs. I just love how I just have to use only one effect for this. And oh, I soo need to buy a new beanie because that only beanie of mine is getting lose.

Anyway I watched this yesterday with F and it was really a great show! And I cannot imagine that F reminded of my fractured leg dance incident when he saw the Step Up Rev trailer. LIKE SERIOUSLY! Out of all, he remembered the part I fell.

Afterwards, we went to SPOTLIGHT, because I wanted to buy my DIY items but eventually only got the papers for my study table. However, to my dismay, when I got home, the papers were not enough to cover my whole study table! Boohoo! It's really expensive and now I really don't know if I should get another packet or use that papers for something else. I'll post the pictures of the paper soon. It's really pretty but 5pcs of A4 size cost 20 bucks. Yeap! It's that expensive.

Okay moving on. So we took a long journey back home sitting from Marina back to Yishun since F wants to know so much about my story! Grr! And eventually got a rating of: BORING! Cos it's the same old story of mine. And oh! I accidentally spit my saliva on him for a couple of times when I was into sharing my stories. Haha. He deserve it for not really paying attention when I'm story telling!

Then went we arrived, guessed what, he gave me this and said "Happy Belated Birthday!"

It was actually wrapped at first, but only got my shocking moment when I opened it at home. Yes! I totally didn't not expect that. Because initially when he handed me that, I shook the present a lil and thought it was some art materials like maybe colour pencils or something cos it sounded like one! Haha. No offence. But to my amazement I saw this pretty pink box and yes, the watch. Oh, let me tell you how much time I struggled to open the box. It was really hard. Only until today morning, when I took a look at it again, I finally found out the way to open it. Stupid me!

But, anyway, look at it. It's pink! But! It must be pricey! Cos it's from ice watch!!! I really couldn't say anything else but to really thank him and yes, a little credit here in my blog. Well, thanks again!

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