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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watch It!

I cannot stop watching the couple; Ingrid and Luke.
Started watching Ingrid's Vlog a couple of days ago and she's a beauty vlogger. So obviously I got interested and because she's really pretty. So I subscribe to her channel and then start to know more about her and found out that she's in a relationship with this vlogger, Luke Conard.. I tract back their past videos and went to see how far their relationship have went and I would say they are really cute together. Yes, Ingrid is so adorable with her cheeks and her petite size but Luke is cute too with his blue eyes and oh! He is soooo romantic. I saw his old video when he gave a surprise gift to Ingrid for her birthday this year, and he gave her  coupon cards. Like in the coupon there's +1 for foot massage, +1 for your choice of movie and many more. This is the video:

And oh oh oh, I'm so happy that finally I can upload a Vlog for myself and after much snipping, I did it:
(I have no idea why I looked so stress in this video)

P/S I just realise how cute and distracting Firhan is in this video. Hahaha.

I am so lazy to actually type, so I did a video instead. And this is what I've been wanting to do so far but my lappy was really in the laggy condition back then so the uploading and all take forever to be up in Youtube. Alhamdullilah, because my lappy was somehow fixed so the processing was so much faster. So there it is! And that means...I'' be videoing A LOT of videos since I've got tons of activities to do during my hols. So yay!

That's for now. Next post: F1

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