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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Gonna do a quick write-up about how I got into F1 which I promised earlier since I need to wake up quite early for tomorrow (Swimming @Anchorvale and Amore Fitness @City Square). There won't be any confidential informations that will be mentioned in here but it will all just be what I've went thru' before getting in for the event.

So initially TP asked for volunteers to sign up for this major event and my clique and I was really interested but we were a little laze off when they mentioned that they require a resume. But after much encouragement from some of us who were really interested to go, they all decided to agree and sign up for the event. The application came in later in the year and only some of them applied for it but others, like me were totally unnoticed and totally forgot the dateline. BUT thank God, they extent the dateline for the application form and resume. I was really excited because I believed I could further my opportunities and knowledge in the Customer Service industry since I've been in CS in BHG a few years ago. So it matched the role of the F1 event and that is becoming a Customer Service Officer (if I'm not wrong for what they call it). But yeah, I applied for it BUT only at the very last minute, right at the day of the submission, oh no wait, I submitted in the morning at around 2am after the submission date. So they supposed to count me as late submission. I was so worried because I put in a lot of effort in my resume and really prayed that I got in.  Oh, I did not mention, eventually, only Mich, Jes, V, Hids and I submit our application, the rest didn't.

A few days later the result came out to see if we are accepted for interview. We all did! But our interview slots given to us were all different. Then the day when I was supposed to go for my interview happen to be the day when I was studying for AM. I was really not in the mood and eventually didn't go for the interview. And then came a text by them asking me if I was still interested. I did not reply instantly but instead I texted Hid and asked her about her interview slot and thank goodness she replied. So eventually, I went to the interview on Hid's slot and.... the greatest embarrassment:

I reached Orchard like half an hour earlier before the interview and waited for Hid. Okay, can't blame her, but yeah, you can guess, we were late cos we were lost. And Hid was like on one end and I was like at the other hand. Calling each other and finding our way thru' but thankfully V called and she directed me to the venue where Hid was there and yes, we were late for like 30mins. That's right, 30 minutes! As soon as we arrived both of us were like haggard and we were sweating like mad. Once we stepped in the room, my phone rang. There it went, first impression, GONE! We apologised and then we had to take this quiz, which I totally were not able to do most of the questions. Marks were given on that.

So overall, as you can see, how terribly I did. But really unexpectedly that I got in. Well, not really cos after we signed our contract just now, they mentioned that we need to do another test. So if you fail=you won't work.

That's all for now. I'm so sleepy and I need to rejuvenate myself for tmr! Good night. :)


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