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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hectic Hols?

Feel so lazy to blog. But here it goes; the aftermath of exams.

Yes, like finally exams over. But after the last day of paper, I could still feel like I was carrying this huge burden in me. Like as if I have not really "merlion" out whatever that my brain absorbed. And guess what when I was studying for the last paper (ROM), my brain just kept whirling around with the first paper (ILR). But whatever it is, I'm glad it's over. Cause it's time to get bonded back with mia familia. Oh, I wouldn't want to rate my papers. Cause I really don't feel good about them but I really pray that I would do well. I need to really buck up and get the GPA that I want in order for me to get to local university.

Okay, exams aside, how's my hols? Hmm..good, I guess? Haha. Oh! I wish I could show you my schedule for hols. My calendar is SO FULL, that I could see myself not being able to have a break! I will only have one week break all to myself this coming week, but after that, I'm filled with activities back to back.
Here it is:

04/09: Talent Mart (IG)
05/09: AMORE Fitness @ City Square
10/09: USS
13/09: Results day (well this doesn't include but heh, it's just a reminder)
14/09: Bowling @ SAFRA & Raya @ my house
15/09: F1 Training (YES! They accepted me and was really unexpected, will talk about this maybe later or the next post)
17/09-19/09: 2K06 Class Chalet
19/09: F1 Site Orientation
21/09- 23/09: F1 Event
25/09: Movie Marathon & SSM Practice
26/09: Karaoke & BBQ @ ZH's place

15/10: Running Man
17/10: Yishun SAFRA Site Visit

See, A LOT right? Plus, I have not made plans to meet Syafeeqah (my long lost Primary School best friend) and some other people. Hehe. Oh, someone asked me if we could do a cover together. Can't wait for that too! But one good thing, with all these busy schedule, meaning I am occupying my time with the things I love doing at the same time with the people I love. Therefore, I'm very grateful to have them.

Let's continue this in the next post:

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