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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hectic #2

Oh ya, I forgot to continue where I left from the previous post on my Oreo Fritters.
Yesterday, I went on a huge shopping all by myself. I was like some aunty carrying my recycled bag filled with groceries stuffs and food and make up items. Haha. I will be so embarrassed if I see someone that I know, looking at how hectic I was with that bag!

I went to NP to buy my kuih ingredients as well as the Oreo Fritter ingredients. Mama and Firman also asked me to buy some things for them, since I'm going there anyway. So, I said "NO WORRIES!" Not knowing that I end up having trouble carrying taht heavy bag all the way back home, on foot, WALKING. But, Alhamdullilah, I reached home safely.

So what did I bought?
I bought my chocolate chip (Butterscotch and Van Houten Chocolate), Digestive biscuit, a snack for myself  (will show you in awhile), Marshmallow and oh, these items; the Pancake Mix and beef patty. Let me tell you. I went back and forth, back and forth to NTUC and Cold Storage to see 1)which one is cheaper 2)to see whether the other shop has the original pancake mix 3)because Mama suddenly decided to ask me to buy the patty from NTUC. I really wonder, if someone were to be observing me, they will go "What's wrong with this!?" And it was pretty unglam cause I was carrying that huge recycled bag that I bought from Cold Storage when I bought my first set of items there.

In the middle of the grocery shopping, I went to Watsons to buy my make up items. I have been wanting to go there since exam period cause I wanted to try new products. These products are commonly mentioned in Vlogs of my recent favourites, so I've decided to try them. They are; Revlon Colorstay, Maybelline, The Falsies and Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm (Mango Pie). I have tried the lip balm and oh, it tasted so good, I mean the smell and it's really good! My lips have been terribly dry ever since exams and I kept peeling them off. I tried using my Paul Frank lip balm and it doesn't help, so I guessed it was time for me to buy a new lip balm. It was really really good and it stays like throughout the day! (I think I write a lot, I wished I can do a Vlog right now!) And for the other products, I have not tried yet. Cause I didn't go out since the last day of exams.

Afterwards, I went to Old Chang Kee to buy Firman's & Firhan's Curry O and the Yam Feel-in for myself.
After all that, I went back to NTUC to continue my grocery shopping. But overall, I would say I did love it, cause I really love to go shopping by myself, BUT it would be wonderful to have someone to tag along with you, comments on the food or things that we see and even help me carry my grocery bag. Haha. I WISHED!

So anyway I did my kuih, and it didn't turn out good. It was supposed to be Gooey S'mores Cookies, but I have to changed the name to Butterscotch S'mores Cookies:

The ingredients and the turn out.

Oh, this is the snack that I mentioned earlier. It's Cinnamon Sugar Chips (Baked!)
That is really really really good! And it's cheap cause it was on clearance sale at Cold Storage. Why didn't people buy them?! I wished I bought like several more bags for myself and keep at home like a warehouse for that! *I'm munching on them right now. Munch munch munch. YUMMY!

Okay, that's all for now, I guess? I need to go off and do my prayers.

Assalamualaikum and have a great hols ahead (for those who are having their break)

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