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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

F1 Experience


Yes. I'm finally back from my hectic schedule. Well, I'm not over with them yet. Spooks coming up next and I'm still in need of my rest. But whatever it is, I need to work!

So how's F1?! If you did read my posts, you must be excited to know how's my experience. Okay, not. Well, no one cares. I'm just blogging myself not for any intentions or hoping someone would read my blog, or maybe I do. Maybe some big artists or some random stranger from UK or US is reading my blog. That will be absolutely fantastic. But nah. Okay, back to my point.

F1 was great! Really! Although my feet hurts insanely, I did enjoyed my time there. I was able to get so much experience from the 3 days event! What I like about it was that when I was working in Paddock Club (Zone 1 where all the patrons there paid the largest sum of $$$ to watch the race!) was that I was so immune to the type of patrons there. I mean, about 80% of them are the angmos, or better phrase it; Caucasians!! Yes. At first I was thrilled because I could see so many of them but after the first day of work, it felt like as if I was in their country or something like that. And oh, that was just part of the fun part. The second part was that I was given the opportunity to see so many artists!!! That is the top list fun part! I saw some of the Miss World Universe of China, Angola, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Australia, Ukraine, New Zealand and some other. Then on Sunday night, the last day of the race, Imran, one of the assistant co-ordinator told us that Katy Perry will be visiting the Paddock Club at about 6-7pm. Obviously all of us got so excited and sacrificed our time standing outside and skipped our dinner just to wait for her arrival. I was initially placed at the Lifestyle area, so... it was very unlikely that I would be able to see her cos it's away from the main entrance. Then Wei Sheng locate Fazilah, Syaz and I at the Welcome Area right after our dinner, meaning the main entrance. The three of us were so thrilled and kept looking at the time to expect her to come. 

Just in time about 8 plus, I saw two police motorbikes parked right in front of the main entrance and I told myself this is it. Katy Perry's here! The next moment, a huge black car stopped and I watched carefully at the beautiful legs that stepped out of the car. Just like in those movies where you see beautiful woman stepped out of a car in slow motion effect. Hahaha. I looked from her shoes, to her dress and all the way up to her face. Indeed I was right! It was Katy Perry standing in front of my eyes and I jumped in ecstasy!

Too bad we could not hold our phones with us while working so I could only rely on my eyes to capture that moment seeing the amazing Katy Perry LIVE!!! She was so beautiful in real life and oh my, she's freaking tall! I could not stop looking at her and I just wished that I could run to her and shake her hands. Oh dear. If that was my reaction towards Katy Perry, I wonder how my reaction would be like if Demi Lovato or Taylor Lautner were to come visit S'pore!

That was not it! Well, I was still located at the main entrance where we need to scan and punch their tickets and also tag a wrist tag on their hand. While Katy Perry was at the Paddock watching the race going on, we were just doing our usual work. Then came four Caucasians. Tim approached them and passed them their tickets. It definitely mean something. They got the tickets for free and from their look, they look like they're from some band. They approached us and I had to do the tagging on their hand. We kept wondering whether they're are The Pretenders or some other band but we could not get the answer. Right until departure time, when I approached them to asked where they're heading to, one of my friend mentioned that they're the Maroon 5 band members without Adam Levine! I was O-M-G! I could not believe I just tagged them and touched their hands! Aaaargh! At that moment I just felt like screaming! Well I did, but no one could hear because the race was still on!

Damn! I was so lucky being able to tagged the wrist tag on them. If only I realize that they are the Maroon 5 band members earlier, I would have spent my time talking to them just a lil. Urgh. But it's alright. I'm still very elated! I'm like at the top of the world. When I got home, I could not sleep. Kept rolling on my bed just couldn't believe the fact that I saw Katy Perry and Maroon 5 in real life!

Well, that's one great opportunity I've got! Question is, will I sign up for the next F1? Hmm....let's see who's the next artist I'm gonna meet.

I'll end by leaving some photos with the other Customer Service Officers(CSOs) on the last night of the event.
Team 8
 This is my team which I've worked with them for the past 5 days. From left, Vivenne, Yi Ning, Me, Jun Cho, Norinne and Trish.

P/S After all that screaming and talking at the top of my voice to interact with the guests during departure, I totlaly lost my voice yesterday. Despite that, I was still able to enjoy good food at Swensen's Changi Airport with my beloved family and guessed what. I fell sick right in the morning today, BUT my sore throat's got better! Alhamdullilah. Hope that I'll recover soon cos there's still so many activities to do!!

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