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Friday, September 28, 2012

Am Not A Manhattan's Virgin

Assalamualaikum. Peace may be upon you.

I went out again, today, with Shu Wen & Chloe to Tanjong Pagar. Weird place to go but there's a reason why we went there. Yesterday night, while I was sneezing away, Shu Wen texted me and asked if I would be free the next day. I was free since the GBB was cancelled and asked her why. She then called me and it was Chloe talking telling me that SW dropped her camera, a brand new camera that she bought it like at the beginning of the month. OUCH! I know right. They decided to asked me if I could accompany them the next day to the service centre cos the warranty is very strict and they wanted me to tell them off that it wasn't any human fault that made the camera dysfunction. They said it was because they weren't daring enough and mentioned that I'm fierce so they're expecting me to support them. Hahaha. At that moment, with my hoarse voice, I laughed uncontrollably. Hahahaha.

Okay. So we met at Tanjong Pagar, where the service centre is. And we were rehearsing lines to give a white lie to the staff there because SW just found out that there's a crack at the body of the camera! DOUBLE OUCH! That would be so obvious that it dropped! So after much rehearsing, we went in the room and talked our way through with the staff. To our astonishment, the staff found another crack at the lens. After much analyst, she just said that the charges incurred would be $12.65 since SW just bought her camera, otherwise, it would be $44++. We then had our drink at Coffee Bean while waiting for the camera to be fixed. After awhile they called and mentioned that there's more to just a crack. And eventually, the cost that is needed to be incurred would be around $170 despite having her warranty and she have to wait for about 2 weeks to get her camera fixed. I felt sorry for her and I really could not talked myself through so that SW do not need to pay a single cent. Really sorry. 

Afterwards, we were so lavished cos none of us had our breakfast. We decided to eat at Manhattan Fish Market @ Marina Square cos I've been dying to eat there. No one has brought me there! They were being the sweetest and the nicest and agreed to have our lunch there. All of us had Fish & Chips and oh my, the price of that one huge dish was really cheap. $7.90 + $1.90 of free flow drinks. Cheap right? And look at the gastronomically  looking dish! It's huge! They had the one piece fish that cost $5.90 and we regretted not choosing that cos we thought it wouldn't be filling! I did not really finish the fish but hey, at least I'm not Manhattan's virgin any more! Haha!
Fish & Chips
Oh, let me tell you! The restaurant there is overload with staffs! Staffs and more staffs, what they call themselves "Sea-cret Agents", are coming into the restaurant despite having so little customers. We were like only the third group of customers coming in for within 4 hours, maybe? There's barely anyone there! Well, not only at the restaurant! Marina Square is like some ulu area already! I hope they renovate themselves and get people come to that shopping centre. Otherwise, what a waste of land! (Since when I'm being so political?)

Then, we all went home early cos Chloe need to feed her granny and sister cos her mum went on cruise and go for a concert! How cool is that?! Haha.
I grabbed my sis cap and start a lil camwhoring a lil bit here and there when I got home. Hehs. :/

And had fruits for dinner!
Blackberries & blueberries. My favourite!
And also a slice of cake. I know, guilty pleasure. I can't believe I eat down the whipped cream, which I don't usually.
And sprinkle them on top of the mango cake! Delicioso.
 P/S My throat is still in a bad condition. How am I going to tell M on our singing meet-up tomorrow? HELP!

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