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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday Blast Part 2

Let's continue from the previous post. But before that, I know these post may bore to some people, but I'm happy! That's the reason why I'm noting down all these happy moments! :)

So after that, I did not expect anything much. Had a lot of laughing here and there and I really couldn't catch my breath. Was literally suffocating cos we were all so full and Jeslyn, Chloe, HC and V made a fool of themselves so we kept laughing non-stop. Oh let me tell you how chaotic it was in the restaurant! Like we own it! Then, Jeslyn called me and passed me this huge red box with a huge card. It's my present!

 Omg. I was literally shocked! I soooo did not expect that coming! How did they even hide the box and the card?! I was really curious. As I opened up the gift, I saw this beautiful necklace:

Pretty aren't they? And then. there was this long chiffon pink cloth which I expect was a dress, and I was right!

See how much they know me! I love the colour and oh not forgetting, I have always wanted to try this short and long dress. It is kind of a trend now and Demi has such dress too! So I was kinda excited when I saw it! Can't wait to pair it up with the necklace and my new shoes.

Then, I went on to read the huge card and the small one (from V cos there wasn't any space left)

Chloe & HC wanted to read it out for me. So they went:

How sweet! Afterwards, it was just snapping and spamming photos.

And we ended the day and left. Oh, they paid for my food!! I was kinda uncomfortable at first! Cos it's not like as if they're working or something like that! But then I realize, I also did the same to them during their birthday. Haha.

I am really grateful to have met these group of girls. They are the ones who make my Poly life interesting and fabulous. They are the ones that made me realise, not only Secondary School friends are the best, they are my bestest too. I love you girls!! 
No other words can describe how thankful I am to have met you girls.


P/S SW showed me this beautiful watch. SW, Chloe & I are buying them!! Yay! :)

I was indecisive, as always. I was thinking between the the big or the small one. Then I decided to choose the big one cos I really don't suit small watches. It made my wrist look like a man! Then I was having difficulty choosing the black or the brown. I was still unable to decide then I realise the gold one isn't that bad after all. So, I chose that. I really don't know if it suits me. But I hope it does! If not there goes my $$.

P/S Anyone knows the fastest treatment for migraine other than seeing the doctor? My migraine is getting worse. I hope I don't get a tumour or something like that. I have yet to live my life. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But really, I feel like dying when my migraine strikes. :( Help me!!!! 

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