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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday Blast Part 1

Assalamualaikum. Peace may be upon you.

Just curious, why suddenly today got a lot of page view huh? 9 people viewed my blog today! So many?! Haha. Well usually one day about 2-4 views but today?? Hmm..I am always curious and wish that I'm able to track down who exactly reads me blog. Well, there isn't anything interesting about my blog, really. It's not like as if I post beautiful snapshots or post of very wonderful events. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But really, why do people read each other blogs? Hmm..

Well, today, is another happy day. Cos my lovely friends celebrated my 19th in advanced! :)
Honestly, I have never been excited about my birthdays. Reason being, my family don't celebrate birthdays. Yes. Can you believe it? How sad right? I know! Each of us only can celebrate our birthdays once, let me repeat, ONCE! And yes, mine chance was over and that was when I was in Pri 6. Therefore, after that party, I never look forward for my birthday because there's nothing special except to accept the fact that I'm one year older now and then.

But ever since I got into TP, knowing all these wonderful people, I will get so excited to know their surprises! Usually I can easily suspect their surprise. Well, a psychic. Haha. Okay no. But I think most people will know when someone else is planning something for them, since it's their birthday! So, usually, their plans always fail, but not this time! I promise. Though there were some mysterious actions hat I did not really wanted to care. Haha. So here's the story.

The girls asked me if I wanted to go Seoul Garden on Friday and I got all excite because I never ate there before. Yeah, I know. Like seriously Casebella?! Everyone at there before! So I said yes and knowing that who else would actually want to have an advance celebration for my birthday. So I agreed. And they asked me why they chose Seoul Garden, of cos I said "Cos it's my birthday!" Hahaha. I know. How egoistic! And then their response was a big "No!" I felt kinda embarrassed after that. They lied and said that because SW got voucher for SB because they got the best idea for ILR, which they did. (Congrats to them!)

So Friday comes, and I realized that Chloe & HC wore about the same shade of shirt. I was kinda upset cos I thought they plan to wear the same colour and did not inform me anything about it. As usual, the sensitive me. :( But it wasn't affecting me so much. Used to it, I guessed. Haha.

So we went to SB @ City Square with Jeslyn and not realising that she wore pink too! Once we arrived and sat there for 40 minutes before I could "break fast", the sudden long disappearance of Jeslyn and SW made me curious. They said that they went to the loo and Jeslyn needed to talk to her mum. I was so gullible and believe at first! But waiting for them for almost 15 minutes made me realise that they were up to something!
Then as soon as I could "break fast" they arrived and there came along V and Mich too. Nothing secretive after that. So we ate and ate and ate. Non-stop! Especially Chloe, V, SW and Jeslyn! They kept ordering like there's no tomorrow! Here's some pictures of the food:

There were more that came after that! So after we got all full, it was time for dessert! We ate ice-cream and cakes and then things start to get all mysterious again. SW kept whispering and there were several awkward "check-out" on me to see if I'm observing them. Haha. Really very funny! Especially Chloe! Her face, priceless! Haha. I was dying for the ice-cream so I went to take them with Jeslyn. Afterwards the others came and when I was walking abck to the table, SW was like slowing me down, blocking my way. SO obvious! Then as soon as I came to my table, there it was, my cake. Haha. I was surprised actually. I did not expect them to place the cake there! Haha.

So this is the cake. From the Royals! My favourite!! 

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