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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Smiling :)


I am quite happy today because my thoughts are clear. Alhamdullilah. I think what I did was right. I should work for what's best for me and stop thinking about others. I am thankful that Allah has given me another day to live, another chance to redeem myself, another day to seek forgiveness and another day to get closer to Him. I am glad that I'm smiling all over again, although there are some things that are happening in the house. 

I really hope Mama can forgive me.

I camwhor-ed a lil just now. Haha. Happy mood, I guess? And oh, because I bought new contact lens! I finally got the Logic brand again cos they're so comfortable. But this time round, I bought a darker colour, nearing to black. It's nice and it really made my eyes looks bigger. But I'm not sure why but my eyes felt kinda swollen. And I had to wear shades to school as it felt more comfortable plus, the weather was piercing through my eyes. So, there comes my PROTECTION! Haha. A lil exaggerating. I know!

Another good news, I managed to finish my FEM Reflection paper yesterday and I also managed to finish my Sony Acid music and write up earlier today. *pat on the back! Good Job Casebella! :)

I'm going to study for AM for tomorrow's Mock Test. I hope I can concentrate. I mean I should! After I had already removed all the distractions. (Well maybe not all) Hehe. Good night. <3 br="br">

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