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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Oh My

Went out with mia familia. Initially we went to Marine Parade to eat our brunch at Banquet. It had been YEARS since we went there as a family. It was actually my family's favourite place. It all started years and years ago when my aunts and uncles on my Mum's side always go out shopping at Marine Parade. But ever since we weren't that close any more, we rarely go there. So for God knows how long, finally we decided to go there today. I had Tom Yam Soup and it wasn't that nice because the flavour was too strong. Too much "rempah". And then we left and went around the mall, shopped at Chameleon, Abah bought for us Anderson's ice cream each and then Mama treat us to Famous Amos cookies for 300g each! Can you imagine how much we ate today? Oh, let me tell you we're not done yet! 

So we walked around and went to Giant to buy some snacks and groceries (as usual). Halfway after we picked some snacks Mama stopped and said "This Giant is so boring!" And of cos Abah asked where she wanted to go. We eventually changed our destination to JURONG POINT. Yes, from one end to the other (North to East and back to North). It was hilarious because we were like "faking" shopping. So whatever that we put in our trolley have to be put back on the shelf and then rushed out and get a cab quickly to Jurong Point.

Once we arrived, we headed to Kopitiam to have a quick drink because we were all dehydrated from the long journey. Walked around Jurong Point, went to the HUGE NTUC Fair Price and did our shopping there. So basically whatever we put back at Marine Parade's Giant, we replaced them with the ones at NTUC. After all the shopping, my parent's got hungry so we went to Fish & Co. and afterwards we were so bloated! See how much we eat! Thank God I'm playing badminton with the girls tomorrow! At least those pounds that I gained today will shed away tomorrow, hopefully. 

Went home and after keeping all the items we bought, Mama abruptly called me with a very suspicious voice. Anyway she always does! She will call my name and wanted to talk like as if I did something wrong. Like there's a second of guilt struck your heart and your brain suddenly went thru all the events that you lied to her or do something behind her back. So I panicked for a moment (internally) and....
she asked me "Bella, do you have a boyfriend?"
"No," I replied.
"You sure? Cos I understand that you girls want to have bf. You girls are already at this age and I'm pretty sure you have one."
"Haha, NO," I giggled. "This is so weird, Mama."
"Don't say it's weird. And don't try to push jodoh (fate). You can't control them. When it comes, it comes. And you know right, if you have bf you can tell me. You know that!"
I was like, WHAT??? And I kept laughing.  Hahaha So weird la. I couldn't take it. I don't know. Maybe because my parents, well more of my mum, she used to restrict us from being into a relationship. So now, when she allows us, it's WEIRD. Really weird. But what's weirder, I feel like not even wanting to get into relationship any more. I used to be excited about having one and wanting to get married and all. I know, very dorky but that 's me. But now, like uh...IDK. Just not so fast. I'm enjoying my single life man! I don't cry for unnecessary stuffs, I don't feel the heavy feeling every single time I feel something's wrong etc etc. You know what I mean. I think Mama's worried that her girls don't want to get into a relationship. Haha. Oh Mama, we're still young! :)

Oh crap, I just realize I talked a lot! But who cares, no one's reading. Oh! I MISS CHLOE. SHOUT OUT TO HER!! Haha. Below will be just some pictures of today.

Before leaving house. Handsome right?
At Fish & Co.


Bye! :)

Hadith of the day:

Always remember to forget the troubles that passed away. But never forget to remember, the blessings that come each day.
Always be thankful. Alhamdullilah ♥

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