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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quick Tips!

Things that I've learned today:
Stop eating wheat (bread, cereal, grains).
1) Acne
2) Headaches
3) It's all junk! All of them are processed food (e.g: artificial flavours, colours, addictive chemicals)
4) Accelerates aging (cell adhesion molecule 1-getting rid of white blood cells)
5) Disrupts digestion (constipation & bloating)
6) It's addictive (increases you hunger and addictive to it, it functions just like opiums(heroines))
7) You might be intolerant to it
8) Pro inflammotary (immune system increases, production of cytokine)
9) Bad for your brain (ruin your appetite, get depressed easily)
10) Glutemic and aspartic acid (links to ADHD, mental conditions)
11) Bad for fat loss (contains amylopectin-a which is converted into sugar faster than any other form of sugar like table sugar). Binding to leptin (feel full hormone), therefore you keep feeling hungry!

Others Tips on how to get motivated to be leaner:
1) Don't do something that you hate e.g broccoli, treadmill (HEY THERE'S ALTERNATIVES OUT THERE! GO FIND ONE!)
2) Habit > Motivation
3) Invest in your health cos you value what you pay for (DUH!)
4) Your words affect your motivation
(e.g: When your friend says that they have bigger butts and you say yours is bigger, trash all those words!
Remember positive thought=positive words=positive actions)

I have just checked out a wonderful and awesome video. Check her out at : or find her in youtube!

P.S I'm freaking out cos tomorrow's my examination results! Brrrrr.

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