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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happily Ever After is so Once Upon A Time

I just like the way of ranting to myself after such incidents and afterwards when I feel like ranting them in blog, I just have nothing to say. Everyday, EVERYDAY, when something good that happened in the day, for sure there will be something bad happen later on. And I hate it. Hate it a lot. Why am I even trying to show my love for him. He thinks he can buy me happiness with his money and the things that he bought for me. BULLSHIT! That's not how you suppose to treat me! You want our love, you want our happiness but this is not the way man! You got to live it up. You got to know what are the things that we actually want. Do you get it? No! I doubt so. I'm pretty sure no matter how many times we say, even a gazillion times, you will never understand. The thing that disappoint me the most is, you wanted that love from us. And here I am, giving you what you wanted and what everyone else wouldn't give you, then bloody hell, you treat me like a piece of shit. WHO AM I??? URRGH! I am never gonna ever give you that love any more. I wish I could say I hate you, but I couldn't cos I am not suppose to. AARRGGHH!!

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