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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Never Not Good Enough

You know that most of the time your mind is telling you that you're ugly, or not thin enough or not good enough. Just remind yourself that that's the voice that will get you in trouble. Remember that you're beautifully and carefully made the way you are for a reason. You're worthy enough, beautiful enough and that you don't need anything else, including a guy/girl to feel whole. You don't need anyone but yourself. Stay strong. ♥

~Demi Lovato

What if I were to look like this. Will you still talk to me? Will you even come near me? What do you have to say?

I finally bought this seventeen mag because Demi is on the cover! She have freckles now!! So pretty right? I went on reading, really took my own sweet time (10 mins per page) because I have the whole time to myself now. Then I cam to her story part and read what she said (above). I find it very meaningful and decided to share it with you guys and also posted in FB. She has always been my idol although she doesn't want to be a  role model back then. I still love her and I really really wish that she do a tour to Singapore. Haiz. Demi please come!! Below are some of the pics I took of the mag.

I love the beads extension!! So pretty!

Anyway, I made a DIY lip scrub. Saw it on YouTube and wanted to try it since I have all the ingredients needed. This is how it looks like:

And these are the ingredients: 1 tablespoon of sugar (the coarser the better),Vaseline (1/2 tablespoon) , EverSoft Organic Pure Olive Oil (1 teaspoon), Lipstick (for colouring), stirrer and container.

Go and try it. It's good for exfolliating your lips to make them smoother. There are other alternatives to the ingredients used. You can replace them with just sugar, honey and Vaseline if you don't like/ use lipstick. You can buy the products from any drug store like Watsons. :)

Hadith of the day:

P.S I just found a new hadith website. Go check it out: It's easier for me to find hadiths now. Click the HOTD below.

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