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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guess Who I Met Today

Guess who?
I met my best friend of course!
She is so prettah now. So mature looking although she's still has that "adorable" cheeks. Hehes. (Don't kill me). Anyway we planned to go to the beach because Noruls wanted to but due to the unforeseeable weather, there was a changed in our plans. So we headed down to Raffles Place, to view the beautiful scenery of the city. So pleasantly beautiful. It's the best thing to do to distress yourself after exams to just sit down at a place and view the wonders that is created by Allah as well as the city line. We did a lot of catching up but it wasn't enough. Every single time when we're enjoying our time with someone special, the time always past very fast. Haiz. WHY SO UNFAIR. We're planning to meet up again, Insya'allah, and go to the beach this time round. Can't wait. It's like finally after all the busy schedule for school, we finally managed to meet. Thought that I'm gonna lose her, BUT I DIDN'T. So grateful to Allah for bringing me such a wonderful friend. Love her.  Here are some picture we took and look how pretty my sister is:

I Love My Hair. Hehs.

And below will be some random photos of me. Hehe. Camwhore. I know. :X


That's all for today.
P.S. My mum said that no guys want me because I look fierce. DO I???? Hahahaha.

Hadith of the day:
Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah’s Apostle said, “(Death from) plague is martyrdom for every Muslim.” [Bukhari Book 71 Hadith 628] Death is often a subject we refuse to speak about. Yet it’s an absolute guarantee that we will face one day. 

And I saw this:

Beautiful isn't it. :)

Why are all my commas turned into full stops??!!

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