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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweat It Out

Funny thing happened just now when I was doing my workout was that as I was doing this supergirl push ups, I slipped my feet off the ground and 'BAM'! My face went flat on the ground. Because my flooring at home is very slippery. It is made of this wooden material and it's not the one with the shiny surface therefore with minimal friction on the floor it just make the surface very slippery. Your feet will easily slipped off especially if you're bare footed, only touching your toes on the ground or what's worst if your're wearing socks! I don't know if you understand what I meant but it was really funny. Sure will be embarrassing if someone were to see it. Hahaha. Perspiration is trickling down from my face right now and so sticky! But syiok. Finally I can lose all the calories that I've gained from the exams stress.

Here is a list of what I did for today. I have also included the website. Go check them out. They have been my best-est workout video ever cos they have so far given me the best results ever. :)

First set:
Jump lunge side kick 10 reps
supergirl push ups 10 reps
jump rope 2 min
love bends 10 each side

Second set:
Squat with shoulder raise 10 reps
Plie squat 10 reps
Single leg straight leg deadlift (working on hamstring) 10 reps
Curtsy lunge (outer thighs)

Anyway since I've got so much time now, I wanted to give an advise to whoever is reading or probably just to remind myself (if no one does) to stay healthy. I know I may not be stick thin or have those very sexy body. Well I don't need them. I'm happy with what I have now and I will just want to tone it up. Although some of my friends know that I am on diet on rice, I replace it with other carbs. It is not good to not eat rice, but if you're like me, just remember not to forget to have carbs intake cos you really need them. Here are just some simple tips you can do:
  1. Prepare you mornings. You got 24hr a day and you need to know what are some good activities that you can do rather than just lying on the bed, online or sitting on the couch watching the television.
  2. Eat your breakfast. I have never believe this because I always feel that once I eat my breakfast I will tend to eat more later in the day. It is somehow true but the real fact is that if I don't eat my breakfast, I will eat even more than if I were to eat my breakfast. If you don't like to eat in the morning than make a juice out of fruits and vegetables with oats or any other healthy foods to start kicking your metabolism. 
  3. Find about 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week to exercise. You don't have to do all the crunches and push ups if you think it's too advanced for you. Just take a stroll outside or use the stairs to climb up somewhere rather than having short cuts.
I know I'm not any professional trainer or anything but whatever that is listed here is really some beneficial tips that I learned through the workouts that I do and watched. And I would like to share it with everyone. I helped me, therefore I believed it will help you too. Insya'allah. 

I have found a new workout trainer and he has amazing videos. Go check him out. The link is at my sidebar; My Trainer Bob.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to  STAY HEALTHY!

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