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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exams Over

As you can see from my blog title, I'M IN FREEDOM. I would rate some papers being avergae and some papers VERY TOUGH. The tough ones are Principles of Management (POM) and Marketing. Whatever it is, they're over! Although I'm still very scared for results! Anyway I'm very very excited for the upcoming activities. Thousands of things lining up. 2 months of holidays like not enough. Plus I'm planning to look for a job at Childcare Centres. EXCITED!!

After reaching home from lunch with the girls at Popeyes at Century Square, Chloe accompanied me to Wisma Atria to buy Lush soap products. It cost $18.50, expensive but I LOVE IT!!! It's like this peanut butter smell with crushed almonds and almond oil in it. Good for skin as it exfoliates your skin and make them smooth and velvety-like. I'm so OBSESSED with it. Anyway I did a Vlog as I always wanted. Will post the link after the video has uploaded on Youtube.


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