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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Help, anybody?

I have a really really bad habit and I need to get rid of it before I turn...
Well it all started from Mama. I don't want to blame her but...okay, it was part of my fault too.
This habit is REALLY REALLY BAD for me, 
And my sister.
Cos she is doing it too!
Every now and then when our hands are free from doing something, we start doing it.
It's all over the floor.
And I have more compared to hers.
On top of that, I got another bad habit that follow up with it.
Whenever I see the scissors, there I'll go cutting non stop.
Trust me, I can cut for hours!
And I will only stop once I feel headache or back pain.
Grr. I need to stop. I don't think I want to say it here, cos if I do, whoever knows me or is going to meet me after today will see the differences.
I have been doing something about it to prevent myself from doing it.
Somehow it has no effect.

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