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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Treasure Them

I don't want to be affected by those who doesn't care about me. I don't want to bother about this kind of people. But, I just can't. Cos they are still part of me although I assume that they don't see me that way. But, they..... Haiish. Never mind!

Anyway, I'm very grateful to Allah for giving me good and very nice friends, Hid and Chloe. I don't know how to say it but I feel safe and comfortable around them. I don't have to go through my mind to think what I should say/do next. I JUST DO IT. It's automatic. And I don't have to keep my own stories to myself and just listen to theirs. Cos that doesn't work around whenever I'm with them. I don't know but I love US. Everyone else in my class is having friends problems etc but not us. So YAY! I mean it's not like I don't care about the others who lost their friendship but, I'm just ecstatic and very thankful to have C & H in my life. Aww. So sweet of me right? Haha. I know! But really. Each of us somewhat have different personalities yet we don't argue. Though we argue about the stupidest stuff, but who cares! It's for our own joy and laughter! And that is actually the reason that brought us closer. I somehow got over a little bit from my sensitivity mode and open myself to jokes. We "criticise", we say "rudely", we do all the things that I believe most friends don't do. Because they say, real friends are the ones who argue for fun. I can't just see us apart. Whenever we're alone others will ask, "where's the other 2?" Haha.

And oh, Hids said that we're like the PPG.

Chloe: Bubbles, Me: Blossom (I have the longest hair), Hid: Buttercup (shortest hair)
Haha. So funny right. (this is Hids fav quote) Haha.

I somewhat had fun today although we skipped Marketing lecture. We eventually spent that 2 hours to eat at KFC gossipping, chatting with Chris also. And the fun part was when we decided to tract back how we suddenly change from one topic to another and talk non stop for 2 hours. It's like memory game y'know. But before all that we were sitting on the stairs right at Business school entrance and talking. We all had our fun times talking about each other's habit. Like Chris; he LOVES to comment on girls fashion (most of the time isn't constructive, haha kidding!) Hid never pays attention to what people are talking  about and when she get her hands off from her phone, suddenly she will pop out and ask "What are you guys talking about?" and she has the weirdest dreams ever, and it happen like almost EVERYDAY! How can she remember? I barely remember though I thought that I don't dream! As for Chloe, she always has her embarrassing moments. Hahaha. Reminds me of N. :( But anyway, each of us has our own unique characteristics and these littlest things, will pretty sure make me keep them as memories. Haiish. I DON'T WANT TO APART. :(

Good night everyone.

Hadith of the day:

Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. So will you not desist? [Quran 5:91]

P.S: This is one drawing I did for 2 hours yesterday night using pastel:
Ugly right? I know!
 And this is my print making assignment during the carving process:

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