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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Intimate Secret?

These are just some pictures that I took last few days.

Firhan with his laptop

Forcing me to put mine beside his.

Yes! He teased me!

Eversince Chloe introduce me to Psykogif, I always use it to entertain this small kid.

This was my final assignment for Visual Arts! Finally it's over!

I got myself GREEN TEA because I bought....

And it's from STARBUCKS!

Before shopping for TUMBLER, I saw a crazy SASA sale and saw these adorable bottles!

So basically, the first few photos are just some more random picture I took while Firhan was showing off his " laptop skills". HAHA!

And then the picture on my drawing. That drawing was a super last minute one. I hurriedly did the piece right before the submission day. The theme was 'Exploring Texture'. If you were to read my previous blog, I showed one mountain picture. I thought I could use that for the theme. But eventually it just doesn't seem right, so I somehow Google-d and use references from the library books that a I borrowed (just for ART!) and managed to draw one very textury picture.

Next is the green tea and the tumbler. I bought the tumbler initially because I have ALWAYS wanted to have one. Like I always see old people bring the metallic type of tumbler which I soooo not going to use. So I waited and waited and then found out that STARBUCKS sell the kind of tumblers that I want. Another reason is because ever since I had the heart burn, and Mama always scold me for drinking too much cold drink, I decided to change the type of drinks for myself and for some health benefits! I'm the kind who LOVES coffee and milo. Never fall in love with tea. But until I found out about the health benefits of drinking tea, I decided to go for it and buy the more healthier one; GREEN TEA! I bought the green tea from Fair Price nearby my area which cost $6.69 and the tumbler that costs $14.90.

And finally, the two adorable bottles. They are, if you can see, an exfolliant body scrub purifier. They smell totally great from the bottle but I wouldn't recommend you guys to buy them because the smell doesn't really  stay on your body. When you apply them, you can barely smell the fragrance. I bought two because the two products for the cost of one is cheaper than buying just one of it. One= $3.94 Two=$5.95.  When I was picking them, I saw other shower gels and body scrub and I saw this super adorable cupcake shower gel and lotion in a box and it only cost $5.45! Thought of giving that gift for my "valentine's" but eventually put it away since I have two bottles of the body scrub. So I'm giving away the purple one and keep the pink one for myself. :)

Oh, exams are really coming soon. I'm taking today as a break, which I'm suppose to sleep early, but I'm addicted to watching videos on youtube and listening to songs right now. So just gonna do that for awhile and probably, PROBABLY sleep at latest, HMM....12? Or 1? Hmm. I can't wait for exams to be over and I can't wait for so many activities that will be held during my hols! And I can't wait to buy the LUSH products!!! Aah. Okay. Stop. Need to focus on studies first. Nights!

Hadith of the day:

The road 2 Jannah is not straight. There's a curve called Dunya, a loop called Money, speed bumps called pleasure and temptations, red lights called Enemies & Satan. But on the positive side, if you have a spare called Salah, an engine called  La illaha Illallah, an insurance called Imaan, a driver called Muhammad (peace be upon him) Insha'Allah you'll make it to a place called Jannah.
 (Adapted from Fcebook: Hadith of the Day)

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