You heard her story, you see her countenance, but you don't know the inner truth. Her views, her say, she limits it all 'cos there's always secrets to life.

Friday, February 3, 2012

For Once, Then It Will Never Happen

For once I thought someone can finally read my countenance, then it came out to be a lie.
For once I thought someone so caring would give me a listening ear, but then they are just hearing, not listening.
For once, and it will never happen again.

All you can do is believe. But whatever it is, it will never be true.
You can never rely on your instincts.
They are just playing tricks with you.

Trust me, no one will EVER want to listen to your stories.
All they want is to tell you their stories
Then what about ours?
Who do we share it then?
Where will it be kept?
Answer is, it will ALWAYS be kept within yourself.

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