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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fever Strike

Well, guess what? I'm freaking having a fever right now! It happened yesterday morning actually when Mama woke me up and I could feel this cold shivering sweat trickling down my spine. I stood up and I felt like I was about to faint. I managed to concur my strength and walked towards the bathroom. Mama couldn't see from my face that I was sick. She even asked me to mop the floor. Of course I did. Then I lied on my bed, switched on my lappy wanting to do my Reflection Journal for Comm Skill (due this FRIDAY!! and I'm freaking out!) But then not realizing, I fell asleep till night when Mama touched my feverish body. I was shivering. She put on my long white pants and rub the balm on my body cos I was aching. Then went back to sleep. Late night, when I thought it was 2am or something cos everyone's asleep (it was only 11pm), I was having nausea and vomited every 2/3 hours. Gross! My throat hurt A LOT! Ate medicine, but still doesn't work. I want to go to the doctor but I can't drag myself there. Can someone carry me there instead? Haha. How can I joke around even at this condition? You've got Comm Skill to do!!

Practically I'm lying on my bed every single hour, like bed-ridden. No kidding. My stomach is so small. I wasn't hungry at all yesterday. Mum forced me to eat the chicken soup with my favourite broccoli but I ate a small amount only. Then went back to sleep. But when I vomited out everything, my stomach started to grumble and there wasn't any food left for me. So I had to endure and kept vomiting until today morning, my dad's birthday. I'm suppose to give him a surprise. Unfortunately due to my fever, everything was held back. I don't want to blabber about what happen today, cos it wasn't anything interesting. BUT LET ME TELL YOU THIS! I'M LAVISH! But I can't eat that much. AND I'M THIRSTY! Firman has been drinking cold drinks in front of me. Damn! I don't want to be sick. Please, pray for me that I will recover soon cos I still have tons more projects to submit and I don't want to trouble my parents. Please.

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