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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catching For Breath

My aunt mentioned and made me noticed as well that I have been frequently falling sick ever since I'm in Poly. And whenever my family visits them or vice versa, I am sure sick. Either fever, runny nose, gastric pain, backbone pain, headache or whatsoever. Urgh! I wonder if stress is really the cause. Anyway I wanted to post something about a "stranger" in Facebook. Well not really a stranger, he's actually Haziq's brother. Haziq is my primary school friend. We never talk before (I assume) and he's currently studying in TP, A&F, business course as well. Because of that we started talking. But not for now. No idea why. Anyway not side tracking, this was what his brother said to me:

"...I came across your profile anyway and something does catches my eyes: your God-given talent for drawing!
Incidentally, I saw your blog as well (it was on ur info page) and you do sure love to narrate your daily on-goings right? Why not post more on your drawings? What I'm saying is, I hope that you won't stop drawing! I'd definitely love to see more of your masterpieces  You have made me a fan of your artwork!"

This totally made my day! I'm always easily flattered whenever someone praise me. Urgh! I cannot let this happen. Need to control my self-esteem! Anyway, that was part of what he said. But just by reading it, won't you get flattered if you were in my shoes? It just gave me the motivation to continue to draw, although I know myself that my drawings are not up to standard. But thanks. Thank you all to those who keep on giving me support to draw. Really appreciate it.

Okay, I'm gonna continue my Reflection Journal which has been left hanging only at the first paragraph!

Since I didn't post a hadith on the previosu published, I will post a longer one here.

Hadith of the day:

Barangsiapa yang kafir maka dia sendirilah yang menanggung (akibat) kekafirannya itu (30:44) dan barangsiapa yang beramal saleh maka untuk diri mereka sendirilah mereka menyiapkan (30:44) agar Allah memberi pahala kepada orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal saleh dari karunia-Nya (30:45)

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Fiz said...

Hello, in case you're wondering, there's a reason why they termed it PRIVATE messaging on facebook.
If you catch my drift.
Heh :)