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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happiness is my Need

I'm on holidays now. Yeeha!'s just for 2 weeks. There's so many things to do. I'm not a robot you know. Anyway, since it's holiday, I'm getting back doing my workouts. I have to keep doing them during my free time or else my muffin top just keep coming back. Thankfully, I didn't gain much weight after school re-open. Just a small pound. Oops! I just can't stop eating whenever I'm depressed! I need food to make me think and keep studying and give me the energy! (not like as if I will be a hardcore studious girl if I eat non-stop) Well, mid-semester test are like over for now, I have been occupying my free time doing my art. My visual journal is killing me although I love to draw. It's just very, very tedious because I keep on thinking that my drawing must be very different from others, must out-stand from the rest I always want my drawings to be perfect because I know I have a lot of competition within my Art mates.

Anyway apart from all that, I feel quite delighted these days except for one thing that spoils my mood every now and then (at home). In school, everything seems to be getting better. This semester is so wonderful. It's like it's almost perfect for me like in any other high school. Of cos there were one or two hiccups, but after all I think it's mistakes that we need to learn from. I know I'm being very vague right now but who cares, no one will want to read my blog anyway.

I'm not gonna mention about what exactly happened at home that made me so furious even until now. I wonder if I will ever gonna be like  my sister, who doesn't bother about anyone else at home besides than my brothers. Sigh..Forget about it. I'm suppose to be happy. And I want to!

That's it for now. I will be creating another post right after this cos it's a totally new topic. Adios for now.
(How I miss reading hadiths, here it is:)

Hadith of the day:

I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "Nothing is left of the prophetism except Al-Mubashshirat." They asked, "What are Al-Mubashshirat?" He replied, "The true good dreams (that conveys glad tidings)."

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