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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Let's skip all the "godknowshowlongihaveblog" introduction. 
Currently, it's 1am right now and yes I am still awake. Don't ask me why. 
Been VERY VERY busy. No time to pause, to think, to write a blog, to whatever that I usually do. 
I just feel like posting today because I feel quite happy. (Ignoring how my morning start)

Well, yesterday (Mon) was a very horrible day for me. I totally put on a long face throughout the day. Kay, I don't want to be seen as blaming other people,'s my fault okay! Just because of my stupid prepaid card that I haven't top up yet! I decided to e-mail all 4 of my group mates the night before to hold a meeting on Monday at 12.30pm outside library. I mentioned specifically in the email that whoever receives the email could do me a favour to send a text to all the other group members in case they didn't manage to read the  email. Well, one of them did read my email and even replied. So I was like, okay, good, meeting's tomorrow. When I arrived there, well practically it's my fault already because I was 5-7 minutes late, so I sat there waiting. Thinking that they might be a little later. Upon waiting I received a message. Some said they didn't check their email, some just ask me where was I. The most irritating part is that I CAN'T REPLY and I CAN'T FIND ANYONE I KNOW to lend me a text. Waited for half an hour. Anyway we didn't had any class in the morning. Our class starts only at 2. So yeah, you can guess how long I waited. But, don't judge me so wrongly, cause I am not that patient. I was freaking piss off. Flaming. But I tried to control myself thinking that it WAS REALLY MY FAULT FOR NOT CALLING THEM. Why didn't I even use my house phone to call them?! Hwee Cheng and Suzann saw my tears and somehow consoled me. I calm myself down and went to the library to watch a movie by myself. Well, no one know where I was, of cos. Then when class start, I was so furious at myself that I didn't even talk to anyone. I felt very sorry for them, especially Chloe, Hids and Vanessa. Sorry guys. thousand and thousand of apologies. I'm not sure how to control my ego. I guess I need help. I guess I need some consultation or something. But I am too afraid to seek help. Cos I have never get helped for such problems before. Is this some kind inherent that I got from my dad? Help me.

Well that's Monday. Monday blues after all.
Then came Tuesday morning where I was suppose to wake up at 6.45am to go for a test which starts at 9am. I AM SUPPOSE TO WAKE UP THAT EARLY BECAUSE OF THE BUS PACK AND TRAFFIC JAMS. #Forever. I set 3 alarm clock the night before and guess what, obviously I woke up late. I auto wake up at 8.20am. The thing is that none of my alarm rang! What's wrong?! Oh, not forgetting, after I had my quick bath, I went to take my bag from my room and before I dashed out, my sister also suddenly auto pilot wake up and hastily rush to take her toiletries. She was late for her work. OMG! What happened in our room??? Thankfully, after I ran towards the main road, a cab headed down. Took it, thinking that I will be very early! BUT I was 3 minutes late. Because there's 3 jams in the traffic. SLE, TPE and, AYE. And I was from SLE and TPE. So yeah, it was like lucky for the moment but not so lucky. 

The paper was okay, manageable. Then after the paper, there were a lot of laughters around. It's very nice to laugh. Made you feel very very healthy. I kept LMAO about some jokes created by some of my friends and even my tutor! So hilarious! Even when I reach home, my brothers made me laugh so much. Especially Firhan. He's learning some of my workouts!!! But in a cuter version. Haha. Okay, that's it for today. Good Night everyone. And oh, tomorrow I start school at 4 and end at 6. How good is that? Hehehs. 


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