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Monday, November 7, 2011

All In One

Assalamualaikum! (Peace be upon you)

I'm currently back, maybe only for today. Guess the urge of writing appears out of a sudden. Anyway, there's a whole bunch of stories to share. Sadly, I can't say everything out here, well I can, but I can't write whatever that had happened for the past 1 month in one post right? This pretty much shows that everyday consist of a story, no matter how beautiful or not it is.

I will just say whatever that I want to say for now okay? Currently, I AM REALLY REALLY BUSY WITH SCHOOL. I don't want to complain so much cos it's really BAD! I'm trying to get rid of having that habit. Not sure where I got it at first also. Anyway, yeah, my semester 2 is really tough cos the schedule is very tight EVERYDAY, end at 6/7 4 times a week due to CDS. Well, for those who don't know what CDS is, it's Cross Disciplinary Subject which every Polytechinc has(just that they have different names for it). It's where you take extra subjects. So I got Japanese Language and Art. It's a YEAH for me cos that's one of my first 3 choices. :)
BUT! It's kinda stressful, just adapting to it. Am currently waiting for FYZO to finish his O levels. FYZO!!! If you are reading this, I NEED YOUR HELP IN ART!!!

That's enough for school. Well, recently, Noruls met up with me on Friday, with her group mates to do an interview for her project. It was nice to meet her friends. They are all VERY VERY VERY friendly and nice. :) At the end of the video and project, one of Noruls friend gave me an advise on how I can managed my stress. She mentioned a lot of points which I've heard before, but the way she elaborate it was very meaningful. It actually made me realize how important for me not to get too depress. I mentioned that I do have some peer pressures, and she gave me solutions which I feel very beneficial. THANKS A MILLION! :)

THE NEXT DAY, Saturday, I met up with Noruls at her workplace cos we were going to a warehouse at Taiseng where they have sales of Lee Cooper and Converse items, from shoes to bags to clothes and jeans. Initially, I planned to buy the high cut black converse shoe that I always see in the retail store itself in a shopping mall, but unfortunately, I didn't bring back any shoe cos they don't have it in the sale. However, Noruls remembered that I wanted a backpack for school. Thank Goodness they sell bags! So we went over to the other end and I saw this black plain backpack. What else! I straight away grab them. Anyway all the items there costed from $10-$50!! BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU! IT'S BIZZARE IN THERE! You really really have to act like a typical Singaporean, like a kiasi, in there. Everyone is pushing each other to get their own stuffs before it ran out of stocks. There's barely any clear space that you can walk. No slow walking to get the view of the items you want to buy. No place to try the shoes on, and when you're trying them while standing, people who walked passed you just bang on to you and you fall. It was really terrible. But what can you expect?! IT'S A WAREHOUSE! Putting all that aside I'm elated that I have a new backpack to school and I don't need to be embarrassed any more hiding the hole in my leather bag. :X

Finally! I have been reading this book called 'Remember Me?' by Sophie Kinsella. Her book is really amazing. I'm finishing it already. Can't wait to borrow another one of her books. That's all for today. Thousand apology for writing A LOT!! But that's just me. Good night everyone! :D

A quote for me to remember: I shouldn't need to find, cos fate is in the hands of Allah. Stop trying if there's nothing working. You will have what you want in the nearing future. Insya'allah.

Q1: What is hell?A. Allah Almighty has created a dreadful place for the chastisement and punishment of infidels, disbelievers and sinners which is called "Jahannam" (hell). It has seventy thousand dangerous and horrendous valleys with each valley having seventy thousand similar horrid dells and pits. These valleys, dells and pits are infested with innumerable frightful scorpions, serpents and dragons.

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