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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Kicks The Day

Green apple, cucumber, cabbage, carrot
Cherry tomatoes, onions, chicken fillet, dried prawn

Finished product

I started my day, waking up at 10.15am, had my shower and made my own breakfast, as usual. This time round, I really cook it. Ingredients are in the picture shown above. Very simple yet tasty & healthy!! In the last picture, if you notice there's a little bit of colouring, right? No worries, no colouring added, just the chilli flakes and black pepper to have a little bit of spiciness. :D


1/4  onion
1 clove of garlic
Chicken fillet

1/2 green apple
5 cm carrot
3 cherry tomatoes
1 baby cucumber
4-6 dried prawns
Chilli flakes, black & white pepper, salt

1. Pour a tablespoon of vegetable oil in pan.
2. Saut√© the onions and garlic(forget to include it in the picture) after the oil is heated up until the onions turn a little brown.
3.Place the sliced fillet chicken, dried prawns and cabbage into the pan. Stir for a minute until the dried prawn turn a little softer and the chicken turn white.
4. Pour in all the other ingredients except the green apples. (This is to prevent the apple from being soggy, which will not be nice as the crunchiness and the sweetness will be gone)
5. Add salt, black pepper, white pepper & chilli flakes (depending on your own preference), and stir well.
6. Finally, add in the apples, stir for awhile and serve. Best serve in hot. Can be eaten with rice.

Serving: 1 pax
*Girls serving: 1 fist
 Guys serving: 2 fists

Comments given:
Firdaus: "I don't eat cucumber but this time round the flavour made the cucumber very tasty." When asked if it was really nice, he said: "Can't you see I keep on eating this non-stop?"

Give it a try and let me know how it is. This breakfast helps you to kick your metabolism because of the fruits and vegetables in the dish. You have your required nutrients from them including the meat, in this case, the chicken. Just a warning, in order for you to enjoy this dish, DO YOUR WORKOUT FIRST! Enjoy and remember to have a healthy lifestyle :D

Hadith of the day:

Orang yang mencintai sesuatu takkan melewatkan sedetik pun waktunya untuk mengingat sesuatu itu. Termasuk ketika mencintai Allah subhana wa taala, maka pasti Allah akan menjadi sesuatu yang paling diingat... ❤Rasulullah salallaahu alaihi wasalam bersabda;"Perbanyaklah berdzikir kepada Allah, walaupun hingga mereka mengatakan bahwa kalian adalah orang gila."[HR. Ahmad 11226]Apalah artinya dianggap gila, bila ternyata kita sedang tergila-gila kepada Allah...SubhanAllah... ❤

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