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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm A Light Sleeper!

My head, my eyes and my body feels loaded right not. Of course it was due to the difficulty in sleeping, as always. But yesterday was the worst one ever. The constant clicking form the mouse got me so furious and I ended up joining my brothers in the living room to have a peaceful sleep. I know I can actually alert my sister about it, but I just do not want to create chaos. BUT! When i got to the living room, fell asleep halfway, Abah went out coughing terribly and somehow asked me in a stern voice on why I'm sleeping outside. Of cos, I didn't want to tell him the truth cos I know he might scold my sister, so I lied, saying that I couldn't sleep in the room. He demanded me to go back to my room cos it's not nice to see a girl sleeping in the living room. SO I went in, thankfully by then, my sis was already on her bed preparing to fall asleep. BUT again, I only had about 1-2 hours left before I woke up for my Spooktacular training at 6.30am

There was another problem that got me so agitated. I asked my siblings yesterday, if anyone will be waking up at 6.30am the next day, and all of them said no. I had to confirm cos I do not want to have my shower time clashes with someone else's time. I set 3 different alarms for myself, 6.20, 6.30 and 6.35. When my 6.30 alarm rung, instead of me rushing to the toilet, it was my sister! She dashed across the room, hurriedly took her uniform and went in the toilet!!! Ya Allah! How can I not be so pissed????! Grr. But Alhamdullilah, I wasn't late to meet Chloe at Habourfront station @ 8.30am, in fact, we reached at the same timing! Haha.

So we went for the training located at the beach station (well the entrance for Spooktacular is FOC for those who participated in the event) Initially I was kinda nervous cos Chloe & Chris said that it was horrible especially the trainer. So when I stepped inside the room with the others, my first impression of the trainer was well, she look like a Philippino. And I thought she was quite nice. But halfway through, maybe because of her countenance, I feel that she have some split personality. Well, I know I can't judge, it's just my impression. We did a few rounds of games from fundamentals acting to relating it to the actual event. We did this game called, Space Jump, Improvising game from one action to another and also change of character. The last part we're suppose to present our act of what we think suits us.

Initially, I thought of this 18 year old girl, who was under depression because her parents force her to marry this 30 years old teacher from her school. Obviously, she rejected but her parents insisted on so, and on the day of her marriage, she committed suicide by running away from it to her own school, went up to the roof top and jump down from there. And of cos, wants to come back to seek revenge. Then with the limited props given just to try out, I had this transparent and hot pink cloth which I used it as a veil and this small bouquet of flower on my hand. My actions were quite restricted because the veil was too long and slippery. 

Then I changed the whole character to a 16 years old girl, who was also depressed and committed suicide because everyone envied her singing and her friends wouldn't want to be her friend any more because they think she's boastful. So she killed herself due to desperation for friends. She suffocated herself in a tub of water and was dead after 2 minutes.

During the actually act, I acted out the depressed girl and acted out insanely, with one side pigtail and sang "twinkle twinkle little star" with this stuttering voice and a twitching of the head on the right. I exaggerated it by having different volume to the singing and a stacato to my voice when I asked if they want to sing along with me. Well, the trainer said it was quite okay just that I need to exaggerate more on my movements like sitting on the floor, facing my back on the audience with my head look up and sing. 

What I've got to say is that I'm pretty excited for the event. Can't wait to know my actual role which I will be acting!! This week is kinda a busty week for me. Tomorrow will be having this Wellness Summit talk in school from 8an-5pm. And Friday will be having the dry run of he spooktacular.Haha. Excited! That's it for today!

May peace be upon you.
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