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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lying on the couch just chillin in my snuggie

Apparently, I didn't do much today. Got my protein powder from TL, thank you very much!! Oh it taste exactly like Halal Food Boosters. Just as soon as I got home, ate my dinner and after mahgrib, I went to do my 150 cardio & 150 crunches workout. It is the greatest workout ever which gives the most positive outcome. I manage to lose those extra calories which I gained during semester 1 due to stress. I hope I can maintain this weight cos it's really tough to lose weight yet easy to gain weight. And most of all, it;s kinda time consuming and it needs a lot of motivation, which I'm lacking of.

I've been addicted to The Sims Social in FB nowadays because I'm practically bored at home. I barely do anything except for chores and workouts. It is totally not productive at all! Well, that's why I rather go to school. But sometimes we complain to much. When we're having our leisure time, we wished we're in school but when we're in school, stressing over school's projects and assignments, we wished to be at home. Well, that's human.

I'll be going to school tomorrow to apply my bursary. Sad to say, I'm going alone. Then going to get my G-Shock watch that I ordered at Century Square. I've been going around S'pore to survey the prices, but this one, at CS is the cheapest. Then going to meet Chloe, probably at her house to retrieve my clothes back ever since chalet. I'm not sure if we should go out after that cos I'm currently broke after spending $$$ on my watch, but oh wells, it has been on my wishlist since last year! So stop brooding over it, Casebella!

That's it for today. I'm gonna turn in now, hoping my sister won't reach any sooner. Let me be asleep first!

Hadith of the day:

"Do not long for meeting your enemy, and ask Allah for safety (from all sorts of evil)." (Bukhari) 

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