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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Take in less, absorb in more.

Welcome back. Well, currently I'm panting, just did what I planned.

Well today I started my day in the afternoon cos I was really tired yesterday. To be honest, I woke up at 12.10pm. :/ I know, it's terrible, but yesterday night, I really couldn't sleep well. I planned to sleep at 12am yesterday, but my hands, eyes and butt just doesn't seem to be listening to me. So I kept on watching Mr Bean series in Youtube and when it just got me entertained, I kept on watching non-stop and even moved on to the animation one. Eventually, I went to bed at 2am (I think). But let me tell you, I was still rolling on my bed. I seriously cannot take it hearing vivid noises which clearly distract me from sleeping! E.g.s: The clicking/ typing sound from the laptop, the sound of the fan, the ticking hand from the clock, birds chirping in the middle of the night, people snoring in the living room (although the bedroom door was already shut close!). So basically, I NEED PEACE IN MY SLEEP. TOTAL SILENCE! If not, I can just keep rolling on my bed, and will NEVER fall asleep until all these noises disappeared. 

I woke up, bathe and had a small portion of Bee Hoon noodle cooked by Mama and had just 1 tablespoon of fried rice which was cooked by Abah. FYI, I have always been avoiding myself from eating rice. (Diet purposes) Then watched TV with my brothers and Abah till 4pm and that's when I got hungry. Firman even went to buy the wedges near our area which is really MARVELOUS! And he bought this 1.5l of Coke. He offered me, but of cos, I rejected. I was hesitating cos I was totally lavished! So I decided to cook myself 2 pieces of instant prata with half slice of cheese each. After eating, I felt really full and started to quickly do my house chores as to burn those calories intake and then did my 12mins workout. Sweat it out again! Now, I'm really exhausted.

Well, people can keep on saying, why spend hours everyday just to burn your fats when you can just eat the right a mount of food. Frankly, I don't really believe it. Cos I don't have high metabolism like some of friends. So in order for me to be fit and have the ideal body, why not sweat myself out. That's the only way that can convince me that I'm losing weight. Well, it might not be true to some people, but these are just my opinions. Honestly, I have been wanting to look like this:
(picture on the right). I know I can dream on. But that's my own motivation. If I really want what I want, then I will do it. It's not for others to tell me what to do and what not to do, right?

What I got to say: Although there are many myths out there about "secret solutions" and "magic pills," the reality of fat loss is that there are no secrets. It all comes back to the basics of your energy equation -- calories in vs. calories out

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That will be it for today. Will be watching Vampire Diaries 2 tonight @ 10.30pm. YAY!!

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