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Friday, September 30, 2011

Bodyrock Rocks!

Greetings everyone!

I'm really out of breath right now, but anyway, today is an unexpected workout day for me. Will talk about it in a short while.

Well initially, I went out to Chong Pang with my family (except for my sister, as always) to buy some household items from CK. Before we went to shop, we walked past the Mamak shop and Abah asked if we want to buy any food/ drinks. Of cos we said yes, cos we love to drink teh halia aka Ginger Milk tea. Then I also requested for Ice Cream prata, just to have the taste of it. Well, it was so so. Rating, 60%. But the thosai there is so marvelous. After eating, we went to CK and bought whatever necessary stuffs and Firhan, as always wanted to help us carry some items. SO hardworking! I managed to buy my Dove moisturizer as mine at home, was already running out. I also bought this free & easy bottle kit which costed about $1.90. Well it's like a small portable bottles and containers which you can put either your cosmetics, perfume or anything else that is suitable! I have been wanting to pour my perfume into that small bottle for ease of use when I'm outside so that I don't have to bring my bulky/ big perfume bottle everywhere. It's somehow embarrassing and troublesome especially when you carry a small bag.

Got home, helped my parents to keep the bought items and I went online. Then I decided to go to my favorite body workout website and decided to sweat myself out! I managed to do 2-3 different workouts,  total of about 10 mins or so:

(5 sets)

2)SIDE BURPEES (30 on each side)

Well, I'm really sweating like mad right now. But the feeling is really great. I've been following this body rock program at home and I've got lots of her videos in my phone. The purpose is for me to do it every alternate nights before I go to bed. Well, honestly, I have not been keeping up with her videos ever since school started because I really don't have the motivation & time to do. That's why all my fats are appearing. Haha. So yeah. I hope I can get back to the weight I used to have, 48kg. My mum said that she was only 42kg when she's 17 & 18! Seriously?? Am totally envy! Now my head is dizzy, guess it has been a very long time since I did an extreme workout. Adios for now.

You can check her workouts in FB too!

Hadith of the day:

Say "Allah" not "God" 

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