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Monday, October 3, 2011

Counted Calories

I'm back with a very sore & numb right hand. But don't worry, I'm still able to type. Haha.

I woke up at 9.50am today, had a quick healthy homemade breakfast again. I made this:
I somehow took the recipe from, but customize it my own because of the limited ingredients I have at home. Well, here's the recipe:

1 hard boiled egg, use half of the yolk
1/2 boiled potato
4 pieces of sliced boiled beef (any meat will do)
Black & White pepper for flavoring

Just chop and sliced everything and mix them together. And there you go, a very healthy breakfast :)

So after I had my breakfast, I got ready for my so called fitness session with my classmates, Vanessa & Christina. Supposedly, Suzann wanted to join us, but she was ill. Well, the idea of playing badminton together was because all 4 of us stay quite near to each other. Vanessa stays in Khatib, CHristina stays in Sembawang, Suzann stays in Yio Chu Kang & I stay In Yishun. That's why it was kinda surprised to so called hang out with them. But oh, it was FUN! So, we met at about 11.40am and headed to Chong Pang CC where Vanessa had booked the court for us. Thanks Vanessa!! Initially, she booked from 12.30-1.30pm. But we arrived 1 hour earlier and no one was there except these 2 professional players who were about to leave already. Basically, we got the WHOLE ENTIRE COURT TO OURSELVES! We started as soon as we arrived and compete with each other for 2 hours! OH MY! Such an INTENSE WORKOUT! I sweat from head to toe and my right arm was super numb though I did my stretching before and after. But I really like the feeling. At least I know that I have lost some calories and build muscles. I LOIKE ^.^

After the intense session, we headed to hawker centre for lunch cos we were quite hungry. Eventually, I only  bought a banana juice, Vanessa bought a duck porridge and Christina bought a fried bee hoon. After that, we left and Christina showed us where we can take 969 straight to Tampines. Because I'm still very foreign to Yishun. Need to do a tour around the estate!

Overall,training was really fun. No awkwardness! Love it! And we actually planned to have this session every once a week. Somehow to train our fitness for our NAPHA in year 2/3. Not sure when. But really looking forward because it's part of my plan to lose weight, and be more fitter!!

Anyway, here's another healthy breakfast that I want to share which I did yesterday morning. It was superb!

Bread (preferably WHOLE MEAL BREAD)
1 whole apple
Cinnamon Powder
Pecan (for extra taste & crunchiness)

1) Before you make the the apple filling, bake the bread by using the oven for about 5 minutes to make it crispy (You'll love the crunchiness! Trust me!)
2) After that, grate the washed apple into the cooking pan and put 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and stir it well.
3) After the bread has baked, scoop the cooked apple filling and placed on top of the bread.
Serve it by placing nuts on top.

Hope you enjoy the recipes :) Let me know your comments/ any other alternatives healthy breakfast that you've tried/know by commenting on this post.

May peace be upon you.

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