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Monday, October 17, 2011

Can We All Slow Down Right Now?

Finally I can fit into this shirt that Chloe gave me for my birthday :)
Very adorable shirt. Hehs. I like :)
I remembered this shirt was super tight a few months ago

I look like Namira Andi Johan here. Hehs.

See my watch! YEAH!!

Me in the Deadly Lesson. Can't see my face!!
Small gift from Zhi Hao after his return from HK. Thanks ZH!! :)

I cried myself to sleep yesterday, relieving those depression which suddenly flooded my mind. But I'm okay now. See me as a girl who love to smile and laugh. You can see from those photos. :)

Today I went to school, alone :(, to apply for my bursary. The weather at Tampines was blistering hot! Thank god I wore white but my jeans made my legs suffocated. Went all around TP to get help for the application cos I could not open the link from the e-mail they've sent. Finally managed to find my way out and thank god this kind man in the SWCC office gave me the form, sincerely (I hope). I was out of thirst cos I drank only a sip of water in the morning. Before I went to Century Square, I had to rushed to Chloe's house to get back my clothes and show her the shirt I was wearing. I'm very delighted because I can finally wear it! Yeah, my fat was bulging out the other time when I wore it and it make the whole shirt ugly because I was totally out of the cut! I would say the shirt is like an XS or an S size. Pretty small. The reason I'm quite happy because if someone were to give you something, like an apparel and you don't wear it probably because you can't fit in, then it will be quite upsetting. So yeah, I made part of my goal and manage to fit it eventually. :D Oh yeah, forget to mention, I WALKED FROM SCHOOL TO CHLOE'S HOUSE IN THAT WEATHER, ALONE! Sweat like a mad girl.

Then board the bus to go to CS (couldn't afford to walk any more cos I was totally dehydrated!) Bought for Firman this seaweed ring cracker from the interchange and bought Laurier pad for Mama from Cold Storage. She has been coughing terribly non-stop for a bout a month ++ and every time she cough she will somehow pee. It's uncontrollable. But alhamdullilah, Abah finally ACCOMPANIED her to the clinic nearby and she was prescribed with some medications. Insya'allah she will recover asap. At the same time, I bought a bottle of Vitamin drink (citrus), and oh! it was such a relieve! Took bus home and there's this petite ITE girl hit her head onto my shoulder when she was sleeping. Haha. You know how your head will move when you're asleep in the public transport, right? Let me tell you this, it was kind of hilarious to see not only the girl beside me sleeping like that but also about 3-4 people in the same bus doing the same thing. Hahahaha. K, I'm so evil. Well, it had happened to me before, an it was an embarrassing one!! Okay, that's it. I'm fatigue from my workout! Good night! 

Hadith of the day:

ღSometimes, I wish I have an unexpected letter send to my house
ღSometimes, all I want is to know that my friend will always be there for me
ღSometimes, I really wonder if there's such thing as fate

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