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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Aftermath of Life

I skipped a lot of day, blogging, cos I just don't feel like doing so.

I think I'm feeling stress up lately. Can see it from what I've been eating. My diets are running off the track!

Anyway, Mama had a long talk with me in the morning after I had my shower. Well, basically all about family problems. She reminded me three things, and it's I need to remember them until I grow up into a real adult.

1) Must always remember not to let guys take advantage of you, cos most men look down on women!
2) Study really hard, get over with Poly, study till you get into University, get a good job to enjoy what you don't get now, so that men will NEVER take advantage of you because YOU have the status!
3) After you get a good and stable job, remember to give a lending hand to those needy ones. It is important and really essential for you to do so!

It rings in my head now, as I vividly remember how she phrased it. With all the evidences she supported, I believe all of them are true. With the experience she face, even until now, it is true! I couldn't help myself but tear in front of her eyes, though I tried to hold back all those misery and disappointment. I failed. I made Mama even more upset. I apologise for my wrong doings and all the littlest things that I made to upset you. I will hold our words, that's the only thing that I can promise.

I learnt several things about the aftermath in Islam as well. I don't want to mention it here cos it's really horrifying. I pray that Allah will open all of our heart and lead us to the right pathway. I pray that my love ones, my friends and family, will know what's right and what's wrong. Open up your heart and listen to the angel on your right. Stop all those vulgarities and sinless actions. I wish everyone the best in their life but don't forget Allah.

May peace be upon you.

Hadith of the day:

❀ If man wants woman to be an angel then he should create heaven for her ❀

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