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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's Your Reaction?

Welcome back. Today was plain boring. Mama finally make her first move to talk to me but she woke me up very early in the morning today. She asked me if I want to follow her to Chong Pang. I just said "yes" and went to sleep. Hahaha. Then a few minutes later she woke me up again and told me to have my shower. After that Abah said he wanted to go to Woodlands Sheng Shiong instead. I was like "OMG, so far". But actually it's not. I overlooked that I'm staying in Yishun and not in Seng Kang.But before that I accompanied Mama to Chong Pang to buy Kakak's prata and Mama gave me money to buy bread from this huge Halal bread shop (cos she know I'm a bread addict and that you can rarely find Halal bread shops anywhere else). I bought 2 anyway. A garlic bread and this rolled-frank bread with vegetables in it). Didn't expect that Abah gonna eat breakfast at Woodlands checkpoint. When we arrived, he bought for me Chappati and we drank teh halia. (My favorite!!) I realize I've been talking a lot about food these days. Don't you think so? Hahaha! who cares! Anyway, we didn't buy a lot of stuffs there. Just the necessary ones for this week cos relatives will be coming! Yay! Cos i love the chaos! Before we left, I managed to capture some pictures of Firhan. I'm sure you've seen it in my FB. But if not, here are some adorable pictures of him:

Then we headed home. After helping Mama to store the items bought from Sheng Shiong, I went to recap my prayers from this old book. The reason was because I decided to start back praying, and that will be tomorrow morning. While I was recapping, something slipped onto my eye lid and fell onto the book. I don't know what it was. But I think it's a mosquito. Look at this:

What do you think it is?? It's totally gross. There's a lot of stripes on the body and the wings!!
So yeah, that's the main focus of today's blog. And oh, I've changed my blog's background cos I'm bored with the previous one. I was having a hard time to find and match the right colors. And I was actually watching one of my favorite malay drama in Suria, BFF. In the midst of the drama, I teared at the part when the best friend knelt down and begged the girl not to leave to Finland for her attachment and that he wanted her to marry him. (Finally! He confessed!) They've known for 15 years anyway. It's sweet, that's why I cried. I mean, if a guy cry for a girl, it means he's sincere and truly love her. Hard to find such guys. And the show ended just like that. Wonder whether she will accept him. Hmm...Catch the last episode if you want to find out. It's on Tuesday @9.30pm.
So yeah. I still managed to finish up my blog design and now, I gonna spend some more time online, to..hmm..I don't know. Maybe read up some more hadiths ^^ Good night :D

Hadith of the day:
Imam Sadiq (a.s.): Allah will forbid the Fire of Hell to touch your body if you control yourself when you are aroused, afraid. Hungry, angry, pleased or unhappy.

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