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Monday, September 12, 2011

Chloe Turned 17

Yaay for Chloe, who has turned 17 already. Finally, our age gap doesn't seem to be that far anymore although we always tend to forget our age. But oh wells, when friendship comes, age doesn't matter at all, right?

So how did it went? Well, basically, I didn't plan any surprise for her at all. Maybe because I want to make it as normal as possible. So... we've planned of eating MacDonald's breakfast for the past 1 month, ever since fasting month started. We were totally craving for it, well what can you say, we people just love food. Haha! So we decided to go after the fasting month and after our exams ended. Well, we did, just now, on her birthday. I know it might sound weird celebrating someone's birthday in Mac for breakfast, but who cares! So I ate this huge breakfast. Can't really remember what itwas, but there's 2 hotcakes, Mc muffins, scrambled eggs and two strip bacon with COLD milo. I know. It's huge. Now, I look like a glutton! Haha. And Chloe had something similar, but without the hotcakes and HOT milo. (I was dumbfounded to know that they actually have HOT milo, and Chloe laughed at me :/) Eventually, I gave away one of my hotcake to her, so basically, we end up eating the same thing.

Then we decided to watch...
The Smurfs. Oh, they're SMURFLINGLY CUTE! I just wished I had those live little minute Smurfs kept at home. Super adorable, especially Clumsy. Then after taht 2 hour show( I guessed), we went back to CHloe house to take her money 'cos she wanted to buy her TOMs shoe at Cineleisure. Oh God! When we finding our way out from ION, we had to exit from this escalator which leads to the Lucky Plaza. Oh please, there's this super stinky smell, worst than the drain smell, and the whole crowd who were the victims of the escalator (including us) had to cover our nose and mouth for God knows how long. It was DISGUSTING and Chloe said the smell it etched in her throat! Haha! Terrible! And we saw two men taking pictures at the underpass of us covering our faces. Guess, that's going on the news! After walking away from that hideous smell (TWICE), we finally reached our destination and went to find Chloe's TOMs shoe. Bad news, they don't have the color that she wants and they don't have the size for her. Oh pity that birthday girl. She was kinda upset initially cos she wanted to buy a shoe, by today. So we went around and then we came to Vans. Went it and were perplexed by the pretty shoes they have for females. My eyes were etched on the high cut wants, but oh wells. Need to save up first for my watch! Had a hard time convincing Chloe a nice shoe. (Trust me, I really sound like a sales person!!) And eventually, we came to a decision and she picked this purplish-grey with small stripes. It was very nice(the fist shoe that caught my eye actually). And guess what, she saved 2o bucks if she were to buy a TOMs shoe. After that, we headed back home, cos I was in a rush. (Mum was mad at me cos she wanted me to pluck her white hair but I came home late, well IT'S NOT LATE! I REACHED HOME AT 6!!) *sigh, she's not talking to me now :(

Anyway that's it for today. Oh oh, Firdaus asked me to teach him Geog just now. Although I love Geog, when I was teaching him, my brain was blank and I think I got migraine. Haha. Goodnight all. :)

*BTW, may I know who commented on my blog? Its anonymous, but thanks for the comment. Do indicate your name as well alright?

Hadith of the day:

Hadith - Sahih Al-Bukhari 8.135, Narrated Abu Huraira, r.a.
Allah's Apostle Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said, "The strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength, but the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger."


Anonymous said...

I'm just a passerby :) you've got quite an interesting stories there. btw nice ending with the hadith and pls keep on posting :)

Anonymous said...

yo bella wella! hahahahah!