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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cold but warm in the heart

Today, I'm blogging early!!
How's my day today? I would say morning was terrible but later on, it was okay. Morning was super annoying please. FYI, my doorstep is just in front of this upgrading lift. Today, the construction workers decide to make noises and disturb my sister's and my beauty sleep! The were drilling on the ground to break the tile for the lift. Oh God! It went for God knows how long! When they stop, I thought they ended, so I had that few seconds to get back to my sleep. But I was wrong! They started drilling again, and again, and again. I got so agitated by the sound, because it was super, I mean SUPER loud! Just imagine, someone using this huge drilling gun and drill right in front of you! So eventually, I woke up, and it was 10.30am. Mama asked me to tag her a long to Chong Pang again 'cos she wanted to buy plastic bowls and plates for this Sunday (my relatives coming over). So we went there, with my sister and of cos Firhan. I bought a bread from the Halal bread shop again (since Mama offered me and that she didn't cook today.) And I only had this salmon fried puff and banana for breakfast. So I bought this lotus bread which is quite big and it only cost $1.80. This is how it looks like:

The Lotus Bun and the Salmon Puff

The salmon puff doesn't look that appetizing cos I had to double fry it as the inside wasn't cook initially. So that's why it looks super oily. But it taste good, except for the oiliness. Just then when we're done with our stuffs, the rain started to pour heavily. We stood near the entrance of the Chong Pang Village under the shelter and just stare blanky in the sky to wait for it to drizzle or stop raining. There was once when the rain drizzled but then, Firhan create problem and was being big-headed cos he doesn't want to walk as he was enjoying the cooling breeze from the weather. After a few minutes of consoling, scolding and attracting him to something else to distract him, the rain started to pour again! We waited almost for an hour standing there! Then we decide to just cross the road. But Oh God! I hate my slippers and I hate tiled floor when it's raining. Let me tell you, DON'T EVER BUY COTTON ON SLIPPERS! Cos the rubber at the sole get worn off easily! But for those who insist, then it's up to you. It's just for your safety though. Eventually we reached home at 3.30pm and Firhan laughed at me and my sister cos we were totally drenched from head to toe.

Got back home and took another shower and went to solat. Afterwards, my sister offered me to eat her dish, a Korean dish, called Rice Cake. So nice of her :) And I took the opportunity to just ask her what ingredients she use and etc. She talked to me in a very nice manner. :D It was nice. I'm not really sure what are the spices she used, but there's the rice cake, fish cake, kimchi, carrots and topped with sesame seed. Take a look at the picture:

Well, the rest of the day I spent my time feeding Firhan, pray, surf internet and that's it. Tomorrow will be a day to the training of the Waterfire at Bedok Reservoir. From 9.30am all the way till 10pm. It's taking up the whole day, so that's why I blogged earlier today. Hope that I can sleep early tonight. Have a good day ahead peepos :D

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