You heard her story, you see her countenance, but you don't know the inner truth. Her views, her say, she limits it all 'cos there's always secrets to life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Le Pierdo

I know, I'm suppose to be asleep right now, but I can't. There's something that has been distracting me for the past few weeks ever since I move house. I've been thinking about this. Noruls has always been talking about it to me. At first, I denied. Then I realized I was lying. I think it came back. Now, I feel very guilty. I've been looking at the history chats we had. And I think I've been very rough to you and I regretted it. I'm sorry. It's killing me right now cos I wish I can tell you how I feel, but urgh. I'm not sure if I can. And I'm not sure if you feel the same. I'm really sorry. Remember December 25th, 2010? Remember "So Big", remember sunset, do you remember???? If you are reading this, please talk to me. Uhhhh. Last but not least,remember these??

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