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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey. Sorry for being a little emotional yesterday night, but I feel that I need to let it out. You know sometimes when you're down, and there's no one to hear you out, you will just spurt out everything wherever you feel like it. As for me, one of the ways for me to release it all is, here, in my blog. Sorry to you readers for being my victims. But I also did pray to calm myself down, and it really help. Alhamdullilah. :)

So what I did today? I woke up at 5am to solat subuh and went back to have another 2 hours of sleep before I wake up at 7 to go to school today. Well, I'm actually involve in this event called the Global Community Day with ParksFestival. It's an event in conjunction of the Global Community Day that TP annually held with The Waterfire Providence. This Waterfire Providence started from the city of providence, the capital of Ireland in England. It is brought into S'pore and TP is the first to celebrate it's community day with this Waterfire Providence. We are using Bedok Reservoir as a space to engage the communities & promote the Arts & Tanscultural interactions. I will not prolong the description, so if you're really curious on what it is about, check out the link at the end of this post. The actual event will be held on 24 & 25th Sept (FREE ADMISSION!!)
These are some pictures I took from the net to show you guys how the Waterfire looks like.

Soo.. I just went to school with Chloe and some of my classmates who were involved and got to know the floor plan on the actual day cos we're gonna be the Festival Guides. What excites me is the Embassies that are coming. There's 12 countries in total:
Phillipines, China, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, USA & Venezuela. And I'm in charge of Japan and Sri Lanka. Wee. Can't wait!! Haha. We had

briefing and all and left at 12.45pm. Afterwards, we went Tampines Mall to eat our lunch at Pastamania. Stomach was alreadygrumbling during the briefing. Then I bought some beauty stuffs from Watsons; Vaseline Petroleum Gel (Sara recommend to moisturize chapped lips, dry skins and even to make eyelashes longer!!) and also hair spray. Headed home by bus and I slept terribly in the bus, in PUBLIC! Oh god! Embarrassing! And oh, at night, I accompanied Firdaus to Chong pang to buy his stationaries and he bought this mooncake from the Halal bread shop that we've been dying to try. It's filling is lotus and only cost $2 for a HUGE piece. See picture below (apologize for the unclear image):

And finally, I decide to start back my hobby today, which is drawing (for some of you who might not know). The reason why I like to draw is because, I think I have the talent which my sister and I got from our dad. And when I draw, it makes me contented. So yeah, that's another way to keep yourself happy. :D

That's it for today. Tomorrow will be another exciting day, insya'allah 'cos we're going to one of my uncle's house that we've never been before for ages, or maybe NEVER been there before. OH SHUTS! TOMORROW'S DAY!!! All the best to fellow classmates and to all my dearest friends! Will pray for your success, Insya'allah. :D Nights all. :D

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