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Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Going Up, So Catch Me

Kohomada, means Hello in Sri Lankan language.
Today, barely did anything today. But the first thing after I had my shower in the morning, I went online to check out Sara's giveaway blog winners. And guess what!? I won her makeup giveaway, an eyeshadow from NYX called, Daisy. FYI, this is my first time ever entering such giveaways contest, and I feel so lucky for winning it at the first attempt. The rules to get the chance to win her products are very simple. I actually requested for this Golden Amber NYX eyeshadow, cos I love golden brown color, but I didn't get it. BUT, IT'S OKAY! I'm still jubilant for retrieving that product! Can't wait for her to mail it out. :D

That's in the morning. Then in the afternoon I just did my drawing, as usual, but this time round, no more drawings of God's creation. Usman actually requested me to draw the incredible hulk. Since I was kinda bored today, I did the drawing for him. It took me a bout 2++hours. My opinion, not that fantastic. Take a look:
Guess what, when Firdaus reached home from school, I showed him my drawing, and he said, "OMG, THIS IS THE UGLIEST DRAWING THAT I'VE SEEN EVER!!"
My heart totally fell tremendously and break into pieces! I come from a family who loves to draw and we all have talents in that, so the criticism in this family is very high. And we expect A LOT from each other. So yeah, I was kinda upset when Firdaus said that. Basically that's all for today.

Tomorrow is the day!! 10am-1pm, having I.G meeting in school and then off to Tanah Merah to meet my classmates for chalet. Yeah! Time to get bonded!! But sadly, I can't stay overnight. Mama & Abah have never allow their children to stay in a chalet and overnight. Well, my parents will never give total freedom until... What they say: "We will only let go of you ONLY WHEN YOU"RE MARRIED!" That means my freedom comes after I'm married! :( Sigh. And that will be, WHEN???!  
So yeah, no sleepover, but hope to enjoy as much as I can with my wonderful classmates!! That's about it today. Good night. :D

I'm waiting, waiting, waiting....ZzzzZzzzZzzz. Turn my boredom day today into a smile pretty please. Although it's already night time.

Hadith of the day:

Dear muslimin dan muslimah, if you eat food that is not halal. whatever prayers or doa you once remember, will not be remembered in the nearing future. So check out the labels and ingredients before you take any bite!

*This is what Mama told me, I didn't get it from anywhere else. :)

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