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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun all the time

Greetings to all! I'm finally back, blogging again. Not blogging for 2 days make me feel even more lazy to blog more. But anyway, I was away for 1K02 class chalet at NSRCC SAFRA Resort. Let me tell you, it IS THE BEST chalet ever! And the BEST bungalow I've been ever! It's super b-e-a-u-tiful! The glass panel of the doors and the windows are totally transparent. The dining hall is HUGE! Very comfortable to move around. 2 rooms, 2 toilets, 1 kitchen. 1 night = $130. Quite a reasonable price actually. Especially when we go in a group. The price each of us have to chip in will be so much cheaper. But of cos the cons will be that it will be squeeze-y if everyone were to sleepover and share 2 rooms. Other than that, the facilities are great! They have swimming pool, fitness corner(gym), bowling & karaoke zone.

Sadly, I wasn't allowed by my parents to stay over. If not, I will have double the fun and wouldn't miss out so much. On the first day we didn't really do much. Just chit chat and stayed in the bungalow the whole day.

The 2nd day, I woke up at 4.30AM to see Shu Wen at the airport with Suzaan cos she was leaving to China for holiday. I went because I really miss her A LOT. She resembles a lot like Samantha Ang. Shu Wen told us the night before that she needs to check in at 9. So we planned to meet her at 7 and have a chat before she fly off, but when we were in the train she called and she said that she need to check in at 7. And guess what, at that moment, I was only at Yio Chu Kang at 6.30. We were so panicked, we kept looking at our watch cos we really wanted to see her. When we arrived at Tanah Merah (at 6.45), we decided to take the cab there. And when we arrived (7.10AM), we had to run from lane 1 all the way to lane 10 where she was standing. OMG! It all seems like a drama. You know like a girl who chase for her guy who's leaving. Wahahah. So funny! But we did managed to get her before she checks in. PHEW!

Then Suzann and I went to eat breakfast @ McDonald's and took cab to our chalet. Woke everyone up at 8AM. Haha! Evil us. After most of them woke up, Jack cooked his own breakfast and then Jeslyn decided to make French Toast for everyone. I went down quickly and helped her out. When it comes to cooking, I want to be the 1st. Haha. So I was in charge of  toasting the bread on this "pat" (not a pan, neither is it a pot) Then everybody ate it except for me. Idk why, but I don't like to eat what I cook. So yeah. Then, in the afternoon, went to East Point to buy lunch for everyone. I bought wanton mee from Banquet and ended up not eating them cos I was too full from Mac's breakfast, so I threw it away before I leave at night. At about 3PM Hids, Chloe, Hwee Cheng, Suzann, Vanessa, Michelle and I were slacking in the room while waiting for the time to pass. We were playing stupid games like memory game (BRAIN KILLING!), alphabets from A-Z for guy/girls names, fruits, animals and we played this train game, smacking each other's thighs. We laughed and screamed and almost lose our voice. Had so much fun!

Then at 5PM, Jack came back from bowling and asked me to helped him with the BBQ. He's so noob at it! Hahaha. It took us awhile for the fire to start and fortunately, this BBQ wholesale guy was there and helped us out. And then we managed to start cooking at 6.45PM or so. And of cos, I was the one in charge of the chicken and turning here and there. Oh my, let me tell you, that was the first time ever, the chicken turned out to be super good. MARVELOUS! No blood oozing out, no half-cook/ un-cook fillet and no BURT food. Perfecto! But 1 thing was missing, we didn't buy the BBQ sauce. To boost the flavor, it is a MUST to have BBQ sauce! But oh well, as long as the chicken was good then it's fine. Haha. So we cook until 8.15PM, cos Chloe, Hwee Cheng & I had to leave at 8.40 to catch the shuttle bus. I went to bathe. And by the time it was already 8.40PM. Hugged here and there and wish goodbye, by then it was already 8.45PM. Oh my, from the bungalow to the bustop IS REALLY NOT NEAR! So we ran like a marathon, sprint all the way (God know how far it is) with our stuffed marshmallow in our mouth all the way to the bustop. I tell you, we can get chocked with the marshmallow in the mouth and sprinting at the same time and Hwee Cheng was even running with her towel. Haha. But, thank god, we were very lucky to get the bus! Phew! But I had wasted my shower time cos eventually I perspired again! -_-! My legs felt wobbly and sore cos I ran in the morning and even at night! Good exercise! Managed to reach home at about 10.45PM. Went online, upload the remaining photos, chat, and ZZzzzzZZ.

That's it for now, Take Care :D

Hadith of the day:

 A Wise Man Relies On His Efforts And The Fool Relies On His Hopes.  (Imam Ali.)

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