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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love Is All You Need

 Hey! Greetings people. I'm really tired, again, but this time is a good tired. I went out with my dearest sister, Deana. Finally we meet again after a month ago, during my birthday. Supposedly, today I'm going out with Sima and Noruls as well, but both of them can't make it. And initially Dna can't make it either. I was kinda pissed off actually, 'cos I really hate it when people decided to go out with me and eventually cancel on me. I know I've got to be understanding, well I did, but after awhile, after I settle down my emotions. But thanks to her, my day wasn't that bad after all.

Today morning, Mama woke me up early again to ask me if I want to go Geylang with my parents. I was hesitating, but eventually agreed cos she seems to want me to go.So I just agreed and had my shower. But before that, Dna called me and suddenly asked me if I want to go out with her today. I was like wondering, how come she's free now. Then she told me that she wanted to go out with me cos she already booked me since last week and did not want to take back her words. So I told her that I will only meet her after Geylang.

Oh He's the satay man!
At Geylang with parents and Firhan, I ate mutton chop and shared satay with my parents. Firhan ate satay as well! Look:
Then we headed to Joo Chiat Complex and Haig Road. And Abah bought Cempedak for me cos I loooove it!

Went home at 3pm and had to wait for Dna until she finish watching her movie with Hafiz at 7pm. Got ready and met her at Somerset.

There's this awkward moment that happend to me while I was walking on foot to Yishun MRT station(about 10mins walk from my house). I left house and saw this chinese guy in his 20s whom I assume is my neighbor. He walked past my house and disappeared. probably he already went down to take the lift. So after putting on my sandals, I took the lift and walked towards the station and then I saw the man again. He was walking in front of me. And we were walking on the same path all the way to the point where's there's a zebra crossing. Thank god he crossed and walked on the opposite path. Then as I walked further down, I realized I had to cross the traffic light and it's towards the man's direction. So awkward please! We walked about 1-2m and then we were separated again. Phew! Oh no. Guess what, thinking that I've lost him, when I board the train, after about 3 stops, at Braddel, I decided to have a seat. As I look on my right, the same man was sitting right next to me! Oh god! What would he think of me, his stalker??! Then, we even alighted at the same station! Oh my. SUPER AWKWARD! But thank god, we didn't go to the same destination.

She's the supermodel who made my day today. Love her
So I met Dna at Somerset and we went to Scape park because there's a flea and we bought several stuffs. I bought like 2 rings, 1 necklace, 1 bracelet, 2 blouse and NYX lip gloss. Spent about $50. Hehs :X We actually wanted to go to the flea at Concord, but it was already going to be 9. By the time we reach there, the flea will already be shut down. So we decided to head for a drink at Starbucks. Camwhore here ad there and I somehow scolded Dna for deleting most photos that I took of her. Grr! She feels that she's ugly! C'mon babe! You're not! We slack and chit chat a little and left at 10.30pm.

Super tired. My legs feel very wobbly right now. Well, tomorrow will be another day cos my relatives are coming over. That's it for today. It's already 3am!! Good night all. With loves.

*I'm glad you did talk to me. Hope things will get better and change to start afresh :)

Hadith of the day:

The love for my little one

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