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Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm back! I'm super lerthagic at the moment. Think that I'm gonna fall sick any time. Well just now, went to my uncle's house at Bukit Merah. So far from here! We took separate cabs because my family is huge. Went there, watched this scary malay movie, not sure what's the title and ate small amount of chicken rice. We didn't do much 'cos the house was quite small and we had to leave early because Firhan was already tired and hungry at the same time. Then we headed home, again, took separate cabs. Basically that's all. I'm really really really tired. I don't think I can jog tomorrow morning. Plus, I'm starting to cough terribly. Maybe got it from Firman cos he just recover from his fever two days ago and he's coughing every minute! Anyways, I manage to cam-whore, as usual, and Firhan did also! Good night :)
He's standard pose position, squatting.
He's posing!! Cute right?

He snapped his own face without realizing.

I'm back home

Off to my bed. Notice my curls? I finally managed to curl my own hair. Yay! :)

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