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Monday, September 12, 2011

Jalan Raya

While waiting for those slow pokes to come my house.

I'm back like 2 hours ago from jalan raya with my secondary school friends. They all met at 12.30pm at Yishun interchange to come over to my house first since my parents had to leave to Obek Yam's house afterwards. So they came and I find it awkward. Really awkward especially when Norul came a little later than the rest. Serving and talking to them was so weird. I'm not sure why. Spent about 1-2 hours at my house because it was raining heavily. After the rain starts to drizzle we then headed to Sima's house. Oh my. She's getting prettier, with her hijab. I'm sure more guys will fall for her now. Haha. Then went to Hafiz's. Oh from that house onwards I could feel my eyes getting spazzy. Moreover I was sitting right in front of the TV(oh it can kill my eyes!!) and the fan was just right next me. SO it just adds on to the sleepy-ness. Reason being, I couldn't sleep well because I was too excited for today. Then went to Oxy's, Mubin's and last house Dna's. I'm really tired right now, but the thing is that my eyes will get sleepy only when I'm right in front of my lappy. Once I switch it off, and there it goes, my eyes will be as wide as an owl. I want my sleep. That's my mission for these 1 and a half month holiday right? So get some sleep lady!

Anyway, the main focus of today's blog is more on accompany. 'Cos I feel that this year raya is not as lively as the previous years. So yeah. As you know that I've already shifted house, and I don't stay in 2nd storey anymore. This time it's 11th storey. No more stairs but now, lift. I left Nex at about 10.15pm when all of us got separated. I reached Yishun at around 11pm. When I alighted the bus, there's this man in front of me who seems to be very mischievous. I wanted to overtake him but then he seem so scary, so I took my very own sweet time and just stay behind him. And omg, he walked super slow, like intentionally. What's worst, he puffed! Oh god, I had to press down my nose from breathing in the smoke. Terrible! Thank god, after I cross the zebra crossing, he went into another direction. Then I took the lift, alone. And there goes my heart. Dubdub, dubdub, dubdub. I didn't want to look anywhere else, but on the ground. FYI, the lift that I was in was the old type of lift. Imagine how slow it was and I was kinda terrified already. When I heard the "tink", I felt a little relieve. But another problem, the lift is placed so far from my doorstep. So I had to walked all the way alone, in the dark surrounding(all my neighbors shut their doors already!!) and rushed myself to find my keys and open the door. Thinking that my family is at home, so I would be more relieved. BUT NO! They haven't got home!!! Oh god! I quickly switched on all the lights, tried to turn on the TV but I didn't know which switch, so I called Abah. The feeling is really really terrible and frightening. One reason is because we just move in and secondly is because I'm totally not used to the high storey and taking lifts cos I really dislike to be in the lift either with a stranger or alone. Well, I really hope I can have someone to send me all the way back home, right to my doorstep and make sure I'm safe and sound at home and prevent me from being terrified. Trust me, even my sister was kinda in trauma today. She cried when she reached home 'cos she was somehow afraid of taking the lift alone. So please, can I have an accompany to send me back home every time if I were to reach home late? Pretty please.

Hadith of the day:
Hadith - Sahih Al-Bukhari 8.135, Narrated Abu Huraira, r.a.
Allah's Apostle Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said, "The strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength, but the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger."

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Anonymous said...

slowly im sure you gonna get used to taking the lift by yourself but it's also nice to have someone to send you all the way :) insya'allah nothing will happen :)