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Friday, July 8, 2011


Finally! IHT presentation's over! Didn't know that I managed to actually limit my timing to present within 5 MINUTES! Gosh. I still can't believe it's over. It was unexpected though that my name was called after Hids. (And guess what, Mr Kwok actually pronounced my name as "Case Bella"!) Honestly, my heart raced like throughout the whole presentation! It totally didn't stop, even for a second! For goodness sake! It was terrifying! Though how much of presentation experience you actually have , eventually you will still have this fear, like a stage fright. But anyway, at least now I don't have to worry about presenting next week since mine's over. :)

I'm really smiling tomyself right now. Haha. I don't know why. It's not like as if I've got my love or anything, but I don't know why. The way everybody misses us is so lovely. I'm so glad that I've met a few of my juniors just now. Though Noruls and I came late, like totally at the wrong time, we managed to meet a few people. And yeah, I met my twin! At first Syaf gave me this look, from a distant. Then as she approached me nearer, she just kept staring at me. Haha. It was awkward. I instantly stood up and hugged her knowing that she wants it. Hahaha. She's so cute laa. I asked her why she gave me that look, she said it's unbelievable. Since we've never seen each other for quite some time, she felt that it was as if she's looking in the mirror of her own reflection when she saw me. It's because we totally look alike. From the back, from our smile, from the way we walk. And our height! (Gah! She's tall for her age man!) Haha. Though we didn't really have the time to actually talk longer, I'm still elated. It really feels good when everybody misses you. Even when I just alighted from the bus to go to Bartley, Adilah and Afiqah screamed and wrapped their arms around me. How wonderful to have such juniors! Miss them a lot!
Me, Syafiqah, Us(this was like back then in January!)
*Don't we look alike??

Anyway, after that, Noruls somehow begged me to watch Transformers with her and the rest. Pocket got hole la. Haha. But she insisted and so I decided to watch it with her since she was kinda upset for some reason. She even paid half of my ticket. Haha. Love her. But! She was like killing my feet! I had to run with my heels and in my formal dress code! Because, practically we were somehow late for the movie. But halfway when we reached Nex, she actually carried my bag and we ran together. Like a couple. Hahaha. No. I'm just kidding! Well, the was great. Really an awesome movie. I don't know why the guys find it suckish! Dude! Can't you differentiate a really good movie and a suckish movie??? Sigh. No comments. Adios. That's all for today.

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